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Hearts of Iron IV: Rise of Sparta
Download this Rise of Sparta mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

7 Apr 2019

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This mod adds Rise of Sparta to the Game.

Shortly after the War to End All Wars, Greece recognized its weak position in the Mediterranean and indeed in the world’s stage. It began a process, shortly after the Treaty of Versailles and its subsequent treaties, Greek leadership began the process of redefining its government, ethics, and military. With its rich culture and history as a weapon of propaganda, the proud Greek citizens largely fell in line with their leadership. The weapon? The legends of Sparta.

The flag was changed, as was the name of the great nation. Its capitol moved to Sparta. Eugenics were reintroduced as well as a modern Agoge. Extensive research into the Agiad and Eurypontid bloodlines lead to the reinstatement of a Dual-Kingship. Over the next eighteen years, the nation transformed itself to a militaristic state of technology, arts, and culture that was rightfully reminiscent of its new namesake.

Thanks be to the rich gold deposit found in the Koziakas Mountains, the island of Rhodes was purchased from Italy. Subsequently, and much in the same manner, Cyprus was purchased from Britain. These purchases caused even more tension to build between Sparta and her neighbor across the Aegean, Turkey. Under the threat of war, Sparta demanded the province of Istanbul be placed under Greek ownership and control. After months of tension and border conflicts whose casualties leaned heavily upon the Turks, the Turkish government finally ceded the territory.

Mod Changes
• Capital changed from Athens to Sparta.
• Greece’s names changed to Spartan Empire; Spartan.
• Greece’s color changed to a brilliant crimson.
• New flag.
• New Admiral and General portraits.
• Fascist. Dual Kings.
• 10 Research slots.
• Massive boost to resources.
• Massive manpower boost.
• Istanbul and Rhodes under Spartan control and ownership.

Installation Instructions
• Click the “Subscribe” button.
• Launch Hearts of Iron IV.
• In the launcher, click the “Mods” tab.
• Click “Rise of Sparta” and make sure there is a check mark on the right.
• Launch the game and enjoy!

Suggestions for changes/additions? Leave a comment in the suggestions discussion.

**Portraits shown above are only for the generals, field marshals, and admirals that I placed in the file. You should have plenty to work with. If not, let me know and I can add more.**

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