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Hearts of Iron IV: Rommel Opposes Hitler
Download this Rommel Opposes Hitler mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

11 Jun 2019

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Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger

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This mod adds Rommel Opposes Hitler to the Game.

UPDATE: Democratic and Kaiser versions for Rommel, Manstein, and Guderian are all now available. As a note, only one variant can be active at a time. Some minor tweaks to my original two mods were also made for the sake of streamlining all versions.

I searched the Workshop for awhile to find something to this effect but had no luck so I figured I’d give it a try myself. This is my first HOI4 mod. 🙂

This mod replaces August von Mackensen with Erwin Rommel as the leader of the Wehrmacht opposition against Hitler, should you choose to go down that path in the focus tree. Additionally, Rommel will remain as leader if you go down the path to democracy. If you revive the Kaiserreich, Wilhelm will resume his leadership role, as per usual.

I also removed the mutual exclusivity between “Rhineland” and “Oppose Hitler”. This is intended to give you the option to progress down the German Reich’s typical path up to any point before you make the decision to overthrow Adolf. Of course, this also permits you to continue down the Rhineland tree, even if you choose democracy.

I’m still new to this so if there’s something I overlooked or some way you feel it could be improved, feel free to let me know.

While I would think this should go without saying, this is an optional mod, made for a video game. Some folks have been getting strangely riled up over the concept, for whatever reason. I realize there has been no shortage of toing and froing since the war, in regards to the character and positions held by Erwin Rommel up to his death in 1944. My creation of this mod is not intended to be interpreted as any sort of actual proclamation about Rommel or what he would/would not have done in the event of a successful coup or uprising against the Reich. I created the mod because I find Rommel an interesting figure (as many people do) and wanted to created a fun spin on the original “Oppose Hitler” route. The subsequent variants of the mod have been made at the request of others. Paradox themselves crafted the Wehrmacht coup into the game, having pretty much every non-SS general (and one or two actual SS generals, interestingly enough) turn against their Fuhrer. Is this realistic? No, I would say not. But again…it’s a video game. One that caters to alternative history that borders on fantasy at times. So if the idea of Wehrmacht leaders turning against Hitler rustles your jimmies that much, I’d welcome you to uninstall the “Waking the Tiger” DLC, because Paradox started it. I simply changed the leader and some cosmetics. 🙂

All Current Versions of this Mod:
Rommel Opposes Hitler
Rommel Opposes Hitler – Kaiser Version
Manstein Opposes Hitler
Manstein Opposes Hitler – Kaiser Version
Guderian Opposes Hitler
Guderian Opposes Hitler – Kaiser Version

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