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Hearts of Iron IV: Sealand
Download this Sealand mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

24 Apr 2019

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This mod adds Sealand to the Game.

Authors description: Sealand

Try playing as the plucky little sea fort off the coast of Suffolk, and convince the world that Sealand is a real country!

For those that aren’t aware of the rich history and culture of the nation, Sealand is a real – if unrecognized – sovereign state formed on a disused WWII naval defense platform. Although the real-world platform wasn’t actually constructed until 1943, spent a few years as a pirate radio base station, and was declared an independent nation in 1967, one can’t help but wonder what impact this great and powerful nation could have had during the greatest conflict in human history.

The nation’s history is an interesting one, despite its oft-toted status as the smallest nation in the world, as well as the sketchy laws regarding international waters that lead to its creation. From money laundering rings and fake passports to a mercenary assault on the fort nation and a stretched legal definition of de facto recognition, there’s never a dull moment on Roughs Tower.

Now, the nation is replete with a constitution, flag, anthem, currency, and even passports.

So what if we gave the Principality of Sealand the opportunities to prove itself that it never had, and to show its true strength on the world stage?


This is my first mod, and much of this was thrown together over the course a few hours. Development is very much trial-and-error, and I greatly appreciate any feedback that can be given.

I’m planning to implement full decisions and a focus tree for Sealand, mostly to give players something to actually do.

This is by no means a serious mod, but I am trying my best to keep things relatively well-balanced and at least vaguely probable for a micronation to be capable of.

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