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Hearts of Iron IV: Shadows of France: Arcade Version
Download this Shadows of France: Arcade Version mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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24 Aug 2019

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This mod adds Shadows of France: Arcade Version to the Game.

Authors description: Shadows of France: Arcade Version

Shadows of France is a mod taking place on a full scale map of France, and its neighbouring countries. The whole map has been made using accurate data taken from different sources such as NASA’s Blue Marble satellite pictures, QGIS Natural Earth’s data and vector files taken from the French ministry of the interior.

We are planning to do two versions of the mod.
Shadows of France: Arcade features every arrondissement as its own country and the whole scenario will basically be a “battle royale” between all 328 arrondissements. Most of the mechanics and gameplay will come from the nations focus trees, which are common between each arrondissement at first, but we might add regional tech trees in the future.

The Arcade version has several aims: Firstly, to debug the map and fix most (if not all) the errors related to it. Secondly, it’ll serve as a training ground for the team, and will allow us to test new features and collect feedback from players about it. Finally, it will also serve as a way to attract new blood to the teams and people willing to work on the map.

Shadows of France: the Reclamation Era (still in development) is going to be completely different. Set in a post-apocalyptic France devastated by a plague, the focus of the mod will be the return of civilisation and the reclamation of the lands lost to nature and bandits. Different competing nations will engage in a struggle for survival against their enemies, and the technological race will be essential to any nation wanting to survive the wheels of progress.
This version will feature a completely unique scenario, unique nations and focus trees, and a unique technological tree. This version is still in the works at the moment.

Our team:
Edouard_Saladier – Leader & map maker
AtomicSoviet – Leader of the coding team & coder
MisterJay – Coder & OOB
BlueFoxy – Coder
] ~ ~ q u e e n t e r r y ~ ~ [ – Helped with the river map

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