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Hearts of Iron IV: Spain Overhaul – National Focuses, Events, & Historical Civil War
Download this Spain Overhaul - National Focuses, Events, & Historical Civil War mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

5 Oct 2019

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This mod adds Spain Overhaul – National Focuses, Events, & Historical Civil War to the Game.

Spain 1936-1948: A Civil war, A fascist dictator, a key point of the interwar period and a sign of the things to come.

Spain Overhaul – National Focuses, Events, & Historical Civil War is a mod that more realistically replicates the Spanish civil war and the cultural and governmental changes that occurred during the time period of HoI IV.

Mod support will end after it becomes obsolete after the next DLC release. I might go back and make it compatible

* National Focus tree: strong connections to real world events and likely alternate history.
* National spirits / ideas: (See ^ explanation).
* Events: Ask for Gibraltar, make a trade of colonies with France, and make shady deals with Haiti under the guise of historical reparations in an attempt to ether extend your sphere of influence or reclaim the land of the Spanish empire.
* Anarchism – If the republicans win the civil war, anarchist Catalonia will continue to remain half-sovereign. This may be contested, however, once a certain anniversary is reached.
* Ideology Expansion: By using a Staunch Monarchist, you can make Monarchism become a ruling party in Spain by reaching a 50% majority in government.
* Spanish empire: and IF you reclaim one of the major sections of the Spanish empire, you can proclaim it anew! Reclaim your former glory! ¡PLUS ULTRA! ¡RECLAMA TU CUMPLEAÑOS!
* Formable Viceroyalties: When you gain all the territory of a Viceroyalty, you can release it as a puppet, reaping the benefits of more manpower and a new friend (Being a monarchy during WW2 can be lonely at times).
* Autonomy: It’s basically just renamed Reichkommissariats, but I put a lot of effort into it OK.
* Flags: Francoist Spain had three different flags over time – firstly during the civil war era, then during WW2, then in the Cold War era. I tied flag changes to events to reflect this.
* Relations with Portugal: Make a pact of friendship or demand varying amounts of land and autonomy backed by the threat of war.
* I made the civil war more realistic by having the republicans be democratic with communist influence (to mirror how communist sympathies were created by the soviet’s volunteers in real life). I fixed it. Your welcome 🙂

Thank you FoxtrotOmegaXRay for opening my eyes to the lies that Paradox has been feeding us.

No, I’m not Spanish, so if I got anything horribly wrong tell me.
¡Que te diviertas!

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