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Hearts of Iron IV: Star Wars: Palpatine’s Gamble – ALPHA
Download this Star Wars: Palpatine’s Gamble – ALPHA mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

18 Oct 2021

File size:

1.97 GB

Requires Mods:

Palpatines Gamble Music Pack

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This mod adds Star Wars: Palpatine’s Gamble – ALPHA to the Game.

Authors description: Star Wars: Palpatine’s Gamble – ALPHA

Palpatine’s Gamble is a total conversion mod that takes you into the heat of the Clone Wars era in the Star Wars galaxy. The mod includes many new game mechanics into Hearts of Iron IV. This is an ALPHA release so errors, bugs, and balancing problems should be expected. For multiplayer lobbies, information on updates, and guides on mod features… Join our Discord located here: Music Mod’s Gamble includes many new mechanics including, but not limited to…-Galactic Market-Galactic Senate-Corporations-Bounty Hunter Market-Focus Trees-Technologies and tech levels-Hundreds of custom units and equipment-Banking Clan system-New buildings-3D models (Not complete/WIP-New user interfaceIt should be noted that this mod is a work in progress, and this is an ALPHA release. Bugs should be expected and reported. The same applies to balancing issues, crashes, and broken features.Our road map can be found on our discord. Expect regular patches in the days following release. The major upcoming updates can again be found on our discord linked above.Huge thanks to my hardworking team. By the time of release, we were down to about 5-6 people including…-Palpy-Cobblestone-Lyman-Miles-Ibuki-ArthynHuge special thanks to the following people…Strat (Practically taught us all how to mod), Limonen, Samuel Kim(Music), Bird, Yard1, Kai (For providing 3D models), Indyclone77(GFX), SpicyAlfredoCristi, Balanescu, Drowse, Darren Tan, Lucasfilm, John Williams (Yes THE John Williams)DISCLAIMER: Star Wars is a Franchise owned by the Walt Disney company and is the intellectual property of Lucasfilm regardless of fan made content created here. This is a non profit venture that is meant to be only used for fun in Hoi4 converting it to the star wars universe. This project is entirely for limited and transformative purposes of entertainment, recreation, parody, and praise, in line with the US Copyright Act of 1976.

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