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Hearts of Iron IV: Strasserreich
Download this Strasserreich mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

15 Aug 2019

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This mod adds Strasserreich to the Game.

HITLER AND PAUL VON HINDENBURG ARE DEAD Message to all citizens of Germany. On July 28th 1935, Hitler was assassinated by a ex-freikorp member named Beppo Rohmen. A month later; Paul von Hindenburg dies, without filling the role of chancellor, with the two deaths combined; this results in extreme economic and political instability causing many Germans be more open to extreme politics, now an election is soon to start and there are many extremists that are showing up to fill the hole that Hitler and Von Hindenburg left. It appears that it would be the Strasser brothers who are going to win the election.

Welcome to Strasserreich
What does this mod do?
This mod adds;
Volksreich Germany where the president is Gregor Strasser and his chancellor, Otto Strasser, where there are many paths to take using the focus tree that contains national focuses that contain events that contain ideas that contain modifiers and so on… I recommend adding a music mod as it contains great music :D, I worked on the mod for quite some time and will continue to work on it like fixing bugs. If you have any suggestions be free to drop them down as I would be reading them and might add them later on.

Added focus descriptions to the Trials, which are the NSDAP, Communists, and Josef “Beppo” Rohmen
Added a new system for the German Civil War
Changed the colour of the Volksreich to dark burgundy
Changed Uniforms of the Volksmacht to dark burgundy
Added Generic Strasserist Leader Portraits
Added Tyrol Transfer event if allied with Italy,
Added GFX for Guild System Idea and Volksreich Labour Service
Added Puppets to the Volksreich

Fixed so Republician Spain no longer hates you for picking their side,
Fixed that when you are already in a faction with the Soviets you will bypass the Red & Red National Focus
Fixed a event loop with the Volksreich Flag.
Fixed that if you picked the second option for Hitler event you would receive political power
Fixed that when you have operation blackstorm on you get the decisions to assassinate a strasser
Fixed that all decisions don’t go at once if you specifically have Operation Blackstorm and no SSD
Fixed Gregor’s Sword
Fixed Jewish Question and Judicial Question options
Fixed Brotherly Rivals still appearing after Otto’s or Gregor’s death
Fixed that you can no longer be able to kill both Otto and Gregor
Fixed the Freikorps rising in Belgium will now be annex if they succeed
Adjusted the time to take each focus
Fixed that when Catalonia wins the Spanish Civil War it gets all the cores.
Fixed Gateway to Europe
Fixed Polish Question event
Fixed NSDAP Event
Removed Herobrine

Thanks to;
Zubr: Amazing Russian guy who knows how to do portraits, he did the Otto Strasser portrait, and the death of Hitler national spirit.
Batsy: Dank memer, he made the Gregor Strasser portrait.
Cephesylon: For helping me fix my broken English in some of the localisation.
Make sure to go to the Russian Localised version mod; 😀

This mod is NOT Ironman Compatible.

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