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Hearts of Iron IV: The Empire of P.E.I.
Download this The Empire of P.E.I. mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

31 Jul 2019

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This mod adds The Empire of P.E.I. to the Game.

Authors description: The Empire of P.E.I.

In an alternate universe, I go back in time to create the best empire the worlds ever seen… Out of an island.

You could consider this mod quite a bit cheatsy, if you are looking for a more serious-like alt-history like Kaiserreich you won’t find it here, sorry. This was a small passion project that lasted about a month (Due to procrastination mainly) but was a blast to make, I hope you enjoy it.

DISCLAIMER: Not recommended to start in 1939, I have no idea if the start date is compatible.

Take Prince Edward Island and create the greatest empire ever, starting with Canada, and working your way down the Americas. Get some really nice buffs to make your conquests just a bit easier and have millions of men at your disposal.

A new state and country based on Prince Edward Island
A focus tree (Quite extensive, see screenshots)
Full GFX for the country except some military staff
National Spirits to ease gameplay (Earned through conquest)
Potential 8 research slots, putting you way ahead of the rest of the world
Cores on the United States and Canada
Focuses for war goals on every independent country in 1936

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