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Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War: American Front
Download this The Great War: American Front mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds The Great War: American Front to the Game.

This is a standalone mod. This mod is not compatible with the original Wolferos’ Great War mod, we merely used it as a foundation to build our own. Do not run these two mods together!
We thank Wolferos for their work, and in particular for the excellent 3D units and wealth of research. Without them, we’d have had to start from scratch.

*This mod may be compatible with Expert AI.*

This mod is an adaptation to Harry Turtledove’s Southern Victory Great War trilogy. Any lore changes made are in order to provide balance and interesting fronts to the conflict.
Now an overview of the things I haven’t changed from Turtledove’s scenario: The CSA wins the Civil War, as the plans for Lee’s Special Order 191 are never discovered by union troops, and thus The Battle of Chancellorsville never happens, and Jackson isn’t killed. This allows the Army of Northern Virginia to avoid the defeat they suffered in our timeline, and without that defeat, never allows Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation.
As a result of no Emancipation Proclamation, no political move, in addition to military success, gives the United States the upper hand in foreign policy, the French and British, seeking an end to the Monroe Doctrine and access to Southern cotton to power their textile industry, intervene on the side of the CSA and it results in forcing the USA into surrender. Lincoln is never assassinated as a result of losing the Civil War and no John Wilkes Boof to be butthurt enough to assassinate him. Lincoln would lose the following election to the Northern Democrats.
The Northern Democrats become the dominant party in US politics, until 1880, when again a republican candidate, James G. Blaine, becomes president. He runs on a hard-line anti-CSA platform, aiming to reclaim the United States lost honor. However, in 1881 he was put to the test when James Longstreet, the Confederate president announced his intention to purchase the states of Chihuahua and Sonora from Mexico. This development results in Blaine attempting to prevent the purchase by threat of war.
The British and the French agree to assist the CSA again on the condition that they free their slaves. The Second Mexican War begins. Longstreet agrees, and with the help of their allies the United States are again, within a single generation, defeated by their enemies. Abraham Lincoln, finding himself again in a leadership position in the Republican Party and realizing what a blow the Second Mexican War was to the Republicans, decides to merge the remaining Republicans into the Socialist Party which, as a result, becomes the primary opposition party in United States politics. Eugene Debs and others continue to bring more support to the Socialist Party.
Two humiliating defeats, then, prompts the US to disregard the advice of the founders of their country to avoid entangling foreign alliances, and decide that in order to deal with their hostile neighbors, that they need foreign allies of their own. They find a strong ally in a country that is similarly diplomatically isolated, Germany. The United States joins the Central
Powers and the Germans agree to help them reform their army along the Prussian model, and they begin joint development of military equipment. With new allies, the United States is, indeed, prepared for the next conflict. As 1914 rolls around, war seems imminent.

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