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Hearts of Iron IV: The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back
Download this The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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22 Jul 2017

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This mod adds The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back to the Game.

Authors description: The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back

“Centuries after the founding of the Ottoman Empire, the ancient Turkish caliphate, having endured countless wars, narrowly avoided total annihilation by staying out of the Great War and taking advantage of the ensuing chaos by reasserting its historical claims in North Africa, subduing its ancient Persian enemies, and even seizing Crimea from the crumbling Russian Empire.

Now, however, with the unfortunate death of Mehmed VI, the Empire has crowned a new industrious Sultan with a grand design to not only rejuvenate the caliphate, but expand it to greater heights than were imaginable by his ancestors. As the world prepares for war, the Ottoman Empire must strike from the shadows and carve its way back to legendary status lest it disintegrate completely.”

This mod replaces Turkey and many surrounding provinces with the Ottoman Empire, a fascist state led by the war industrialist Mustafa V. The player begins with two puppets (Persia and Arabia) and relatively outdated equipment, making rapid industrialization a biting necessity.

A full focus tree is planned, including options to move towards democracy and communism or even abolish the Osman dynasty and form the Turan Empire.

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