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Hearts of Iron IV: The Road to 56: Romania Reworked
Download this The Road to 56: Romania Reworked mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

8 Feb 2020

File size:

49.473 MB

Requires DLC:

Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor

Requires Mods:

The Road to 56

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This mod adds The Road to 56: Romania Reworked to the Game.

Hello, and say hello to the mod once more!

So with this update, after an extended absence I’ve completely reworked the generals and added a few portraits to the game.

-Added a new portrait for Michael I of Romania

-Ion Antonescu is now the only Field Marshal that Romania starts with, Petre Dumitrescu being demoted to a level 4 general as he was never a Marshal of Romania.

-Multiple new generals added with fairly historical traits, save a few. All are subject to change and with coming updates some will only be available under certain conditions or events for promotion

-No major map rework yet, although it is still planned to contain a few more VPs, states, and province edits to make borders more historical

-Moldova and Transylvania will both become releaseables with content at some point, in the works.

{New Starting Generals}
(Please note, many of them will be given portrait reworks due to inaccurate colours)

Field Marshals:
Ion Antonescu

Ilie Șteflea

Petre Dumitrescu
Ioan Racoviţă
Gheorghe Avrămescu
Radu Korné
Corneliu Teodorini
Leonard Mociulschi
Corneliu Drăgălina
Constantin C. Claps
Emanoil Ionescu
Ion Glogojanu
Nicolae Rădescu
Constantin Tobescu

Barbu Părăianu(Gainable via focus tree)

Nicolae Dăscălescu
Constantin Pantazi
Nicolae Rădescu
Nicolae Ciupercă
Gheorghe Manoliu
Ioan Dumitrache
Paul Teodorescu
Grigore Balăn
Dumitru Coroamă

Horia Măcellariu
Nicolae Macici

Petre Bărbuneanu
Eugen Săvulescu

In other news, I’ve become a member of the Rt56 team and am currently in the process of reworking their Romania as well as adding some features from my mod! This will remain up however, as I do still wish to work by myself and keep this mod going, and make versions for vanilla, and possibly others. Updates will be slow for a while as I have work and IRL matters to attend to, but thank you all for your support thus far.

-Special thanks to my good friend Batsy for much of the GFX used, as well as the Kaiserreich team, as I’ve stolen some of their portraits such as C. C. Claps and Constantin Tobescu for generals-

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