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Hearts of Iron IV: The United African Coalition
Download this The United African Coalition mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

5 Dec 2018

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This mod adds The United African Coalition to the Game.

From the creator of Divided Iberia and Commander Prisms Internet Group Reskin Mod brings you

The United African Coalition!
What if, the Scramble For Africa was a bust? What if the nations of Africa united under one common banner? Well, if you’re alternative history side of you is getting the better of your judement, you’ve come to the right place! This mod is an Alt-History of a united African Coalition to counter the attempts at The Scramble For Africa resuling in a weak, and divided nation.


– Indepth, Custom, and Balanced Focus Tree: So that you feel like you have a meaning to playing this Mod and giving you a sense of objective.

– Tasty, and realistic Events: Some events full of flavor to give you a better experience and to fit into the world.

– New Playable Nation: The UAC!: Conquer the world as the nation of Africa and guide her people through troubles and hardships while trying to fix the past!

– Balance To Make It Fair: Modifiers are in place to make Africa a balanced nation with loads of untapped manpower blocked by various debuffs. Download and try it for yourself!

– More Hours Of Enjoyment!: It’s fun! That’s that! It’s a good change to spice up your games and give you a new challenge. And for you Alt-History buffs, some new Spicey outcomes!

– Isn’t A Beta!: I know right? A Mod on the Workshop that ISN’T in Beta!? No way! But thats right! This mod is complete and playable the second you download it! (But of course there is more to come)

Upcoming Features
– Quality of Life Changes: Just some fixes and changes to make it play and look better.

– Possibly New Nations & Flavor: I’m thinking of possibly adding decisions in the future with having to deal with sepertist tribes who refused the unification. Only time will tell!

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