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Hearts of Iron IV: Too Many States
Download this Too Many States mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Too Many States to the Game.

A very basic mod. I’ve added ~1950 new states to the game (almost tripling vanilla state count), starting in Europe and Africa, now spanning Siberia. I’ve started to add some tags, and now the mod covers India! 🙂
I haven’t done the population, but at least I can say it might be fun in the future. Test it out though, it’s good

You’ll need a decent PC to run it. Expect some lag later-game.

Current Version:
Expansion 13 (v0.13) “The Land of Spices”
Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma
No images right now sorry don’t have time tomorrow my dudes

New – 0.13.1 Minifix – adds in the victory points that I’ve been working on for Poland and Russia (3/13)

0.13.3 “The Land of Tags” 32 more tags, mostly european (3/20)

Expansion 14 (v0.14) “The Northern Cliques”
Sinkiang, Xibei San Ma, Shanxi, Mengkukuo, Manchukuo (maybe communist china?) (3/22)

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