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Hearts of Iron IV: Random Ideology Mod
Download this Random Ideology Mod mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

15 Jan 2019

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This mod adds Random Ideology Mod to the Game.

I’ve made a few adjustments to the national focus trees of the 7 major powers as well, making the AI more or less likely to select certain focuses if they are a particular ideology. This should hopefully result in the AI’s actions making more sense for their ideology. I also removed any focus effects that change the ideology of other countries, and you won’t be able to pick the “Befriend” focuses unless you share an ideology with the country. However, I’ve only altered the focus trees of the 7 major countries, so I’ll need to do the other unique trees in the future. Since the mod still uses the vanilla focus trees, some of which are designed around a country always being a certain ideology, there could still be some issues caused by the NFs. Therefore, I’ve also created two events that will ensure that WW2 still breaks out. If the fascist and communist faction leaders are controlled by the AI and they still haven’t gone to war by 1940, then they will declare war on a neighbor country that has a different ideology than them. Similarly, if the AI democratic leader is still at peace in 1940, then they will declare war on a country that has increased world tension by a lot.

So the mod doesn’t change much, which makes for an interesting starting world setup that greatly differs from vanilla, yet keeps all of the mechanics and gameplay of vanilla. I hope you guys enjoy the mod. Keep in mind that the NF trees could cause some issues. And since the ideology setup is completely random, you could end up in a world where most of the majors start out with same ideology, which wouldn’t make for an interesting campaign. If that happens, simply start a new campaign. The entire ideology setup should be done within the first month of playing.

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