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Hearts of Iron IV: TouHou Into the World
Download this TouHou Into the World mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

29 Mar 2020

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562.777 MB

Requires DLC:

Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory, Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor, Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger, Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns

This mod adds TouHou Into the World to the Game.

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————————————————– ————————————————– ——————————–
In 1936, the world was gradually moving towards the darkness, and a change broke out silently. A brand new and unknown area appears on the sea of ​​Japan. In the unknown area, not only human beings who are no different from the world, but also many kinds of monsters with powers. The investigation team sent by people was stopped at the edge of the mysterious area, and it seemed to have some kind of invisible barrier. But even with such a change, human beings are still immersed in intrigue: in Europe, Hitler consolidated his authority and turned his attention to areas outside Germany. Mussolini’s Italy continues its bold military adventures, and the Japanese empire is ready to attack China. Nearly two decades have elapsed since the end of the World War. Humans still have not learned the lesson and once again turned the world into a gunpowder barrel. But this time, with the addition of new members, the history of the wheel will be more confusing.
————————————————– ————————————————– ——————————–
The East is self-founding, and Fantasy Township is on the sea of ​​Japan. There are 16 forces in the East. These 16 forces are a fantasy country, but because of the loose power system in the fantasy town, all the monsters entering the material world without faith and fear, all monsters After the ability was greatly weakened, each faction painted and ruled, leading to division.

Redo the map, and now it is slightly in line with the geography of a social fantasy town, but because of various real problems, some details are really difficult to consider. The reference map is the almost all yellow map that was searched online.

I made a national policy tree of Fantasy Township, and I will switch after I rebuild my fantasy township.

The independent national policy of the various forces of Fantasy Township was completed.
The national policy of the various forces in the fantasy township, the forces of industry, military and politics are consistent, and there will be no situation in which the forces are stronger than other forces.

Fantasy Township has three independent technology trees, and there are cabinet members in the cabinet that are matched with the technology tree.
The outside world’s naval technology, engineering technology, industrial technology and land, sea and air force technology tree must rely on the cabinet members to activate.

The doll workshop has a unique transformation, transforming into the devil world.

Fantasy Township General has unique special tactics available.

Added bgm.
bgm click here

The cabinet has added the fantasy township internal affairs, and the fantasy township country can adjust economic and political priority or military priority, adjust the main ethnic race, or adjust the center of gravity after completing the fantasy national policy of the fantasy township.

Internal and external tendencies: A series of events throughout the whole process from the beginning of the game to the reconstruction of Fantasy Township will affect the way of fantasy township reconstruction.

The military-political and economic priority system can be adjusted to give priority to the development of the military or political economy. The one that gives priority to development will be added, and the other side will suffer from deduction.

Some forces have unique chain of events.

Fantasy Corps Resolution: 17 kinds of special arms, meeting the conditions will appear in the resolution.

Hero assembly decision: After the power is eliminated, the forces that have the power of the capital can use the corresponding decision to get help from the general, or find a general without ownership. 100 consumption, 30 days.

There are many settings for this mod text. Almost all places with descriptions contain various kinds of information. It is recommended to take a look at it to deepen the understanding of the world view.

Many decisions have been added, but not every one is required. Please choose according to your needs and beliefs.

There is no sea in Fantasy Township. Other plots are not considered coastal, unable to land or manufacture shipyards and naval bases. There are four plots adjacent to the outside world, and those plots are considered coastal.

The newly recruited leader of Fantasy Township will also be a fantasy township. The choice is based on non-affiliated or unconstrained characters, and will be willing to help other forces to serve other countries (two attention). There may be a phenomenon of copying people or playing themselves…

The original decision-making transfer system has been added, and the support rate will reach 60%. There will also be an event that hopes to switch the polity. After repeated ignorance, 70% of the civil war will break out…

The Fantasy Township event uses Fantasy Township pictures to make the event more illusory.

Did not modify the historical direction of the outside world.
Chinese Only.

~~~Communication group: 419741413, welcome to Daxie Meng new to enlighten me ~~~

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