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Hearts of Iron IV: Treaty of Strasbourg Mod – Version 1.02
Download this Treaty of Strasbourg Mod - Version 1.02 mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Treaty of Strasbourg Mod – Version 1.02 to the Game.

Welcome to the mod
This is an alternative history mod for Hearts of Iron IV. Have you ever wondered what the world would have been if not Germany, but Austria was punched the hardest after World War 1 in terms of war reparations and military restrictions? That is exactly what this mod has to offer! If you enjoy the mod please drop a rating and share the mod around! Note that Austria may look more powerful than real life, but the purpose of the mod is more that the because the Germans are not humiliated by Versailles their Kaiserreich hasnโ€™t fallen, but the Austrians did and get more restrictions than the Germans and Turks as wellAlso thanks to AlexTheRambler for playing my mod! Link to his video = Discord Server = Keep in mind that this mod is made and developed by a single person. If you find anything that is not intended to be there or you got some constructive feedback, be sure to leave a comment. Translations If you would like to make an translated version of the mod, be sure to tell me so I can put a link to it over here Russian Translation (made by Veydem) Scenario After four years, the Great War finally came to an end. Kaiser Wilhelm II had personally requested an armistice from the Entente Powers in 1918. This led to the Treaty of Strasbourg in 1920 which formally ended hostilities between the Triple Entente and the Central Powers. Germany was forced to give up gained territories from the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. German colonies were partitioned between France, Japan, and the United Kingdom.And most prominently, the Confederation of the Rhine and the Saarland Protectorate were created out of the occupied land in Western Germany. Lastly, Germany was restricted from rearming its air and naval forces until 1932. Their army strength was limited to 450,000 men until 1933. The final two points of treaty were eventually ignored by the Germans.Unlike Germany, who got off somewhat easily, Austria suffered the worst. The Austro-Hungarian Empire, once the great power of Central Europe, had collapsed at the seams. Karl I was forced to abdicate, and a Republican government took control over Austria.To add insult to injury, the Treaty of Strasbourg completely destroyed the Austrian economy. The Entente saw the Austrians as the main starters of the war, and therefore had to pay harsh war reparations to Serbia, Belgium and France. Their already weakened armed forces were severely reduced in size. However, they were able to keep the territories of Hungary, Bohemia, Galicia and Slovakia as puppet states. The remaining territories were awarded to Romania or were attached to Yugoslavia. Southern Tyrol and Istria were promised to Italy, but due to local protests, Southern Tyrol was kept within Austria.However, shortly after the treaty was put into effect, both Germany and Austria would both struggle internally. The rising national socialist politician, Adolf Hitler, quickly gained support throughout Austria. Otto von Habsburg, the currenthead of the Austrian throne, used the turmoil within his home country to topple the Republican government of Austria and restore his former empire.Meanwhile, the German Communists assassinated Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1934, leaving his son to take control of the mess that his father made. With the Communist Revolt in full swing, Germany had entered a civil war. The German Civil War is split into three faction: the Republicans within Central and Western Germany, the Communists within Bavaria, and Monarchist Prussia, who is in control of the remainder of Germany. Germany is in great chaos. And then the New York Stock Exchange crashed. Unemployment and economic downturn had swept across Europe. People within the war-torn countries of Europe flocked to political extremes. Italy became a ultra-nationalist dictatorship in 1923, after Mussolini marched on Rome. The Italians suffered horribly both during and after the Great War. Hundreds of thousands of men died, just for one small part of Austria.Unlike the other two Central Powers, however, the Ottoman Empire was not featured in the Treaty of Strasbourg. With Turkey in a full scale civil war at the signing of the treaty, the Entente waited until the end of the conflict in 1921 to sign the Treaty of Constantinople. Both France and the UK would partition the Ottoman Empire’s former Arabian lands, with France taking Syria and Lebanon, and the UK taking Transjordan and Iraq. Iraq would soon gain independence in 1924, however. Features and Content Completely unique focus trees for Germany (Prussia), Japan, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria and Turkey Updated focus trees for Yugoslavia, Romania, Britain, Soviet-Union, Poland, France and Italy. Small trees for Bavaria and Democratic States of Germany, New decisions and events New and reworked provinces and states New countries, leaders, portraits and flags Reworked China (due to lag) General improvements from base game Important notes Note that: most DLC-content is deleted such as focus trees for the Netherlands, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Japan and all Chinaโ€™s. Also Naval treaties from MTG will not be supported; mods and custom gamerules that change the AI-focus decisions are not compatible or supported; all DLCs are compatible with the mod; this mod works with Version 1.7.1 โ€œHydraโ€; mods that add or change states, change ai behaviour in focus trees or change starting things such as guarantees or technology are NOT compatible with the mod; Be sure to subscribe to my other HOI4 Mod

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