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Hearts of Iron IV: *UMC* China & Manchukuo
Download this *UMC* China & Manchukuo mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

18 Oct 2020

File size:

4.25 MB

Requires DLC:

Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger

Requires Mods:

*UMC* Compatibility Mod, *UMC* Gameplay Improvements, *UMC* Map Mod, *UMC* Japan Completed, *UMC* Germany Completed, *UMC* Generic Completed, *UMC* Technology Completed

Direct Download:

This mod adds *UMC* China & Manchukuo to the Game.

Authors description: *UMC* China & Manchukuo

UMC – Ultimate Mod Colection presents: China & Manchukuo, a overhaul mod for Nationalist China and Manchukuo.

Join us on Discord!
– post any suggestion, view work-in-progress screenshots in the #announcement section, or contact me directly there!


Features of the Mod 2 Unique Focus Trees, containing focuses for:
• Nationalist China
• Manchukuo (Qing, Manchurian Warlord)
New events, Generals, Decisions, Rebalanced Unique Advisors, and much more!


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Comments have been disabled. Know this:
• mod is working
• mod is alive
• mod is in development and big things are coming
Check out UMC Discord!!! –
• you can contact me there
• you can post your suggestions, bug notice and questions there
• you can see teasers there
… yeah, Discord is the right place where to be if you are interested in UMC. 🙂

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