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Hearts of Iron IV: *UMC* Generic Completed
Download this *UMC* Generic Completed mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

1 Jun 2021

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551.94 KB

Requires Mods:

*UMC* Compatibility Mod, *UMC* Gameplay Improvements

Direct Download:

This mod adds *UMC* Generic Completed to the Game.

Authors description: *UMC* Generic Completed

UMC – Ultimate Mod Colection presents: Generic Rework, a overhaul mod for Generic nations.

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Features:- New focus tree: You don’t SAY NARZGEL?
Generic nations idea:
– They should not be able to develop sertain things alone (like China e.g.) Therefore they must turn to other nations with their research & construction effort.
– They should not be overpowerer. Eh at least I tried!
– They should not be boring!

Future plans of mod:- Expanded focus tree: There is plenty of place under the “Expand General Staff” focus.
– Debufing ideas: Should undeveloped nations receive some debuffs which would be removed in the focus tree? Post your oppinion on Discord!

Looking for:- News/Events creators: There is never enough events right?
– Photoshop skill boiz: To create vannila-style historical portraits & maybe some unique focus icons. I have my master Indyclone77 helping me but you know – we can’t use him all the time.

Compability:- Should be compabilite with every mod exept the ones that modifies the generic stuff.

FAQ:- Why making this? Because part of the focus tree is made as “share” so it can be easily used with some “half-unique” focus trees (meaning – you can remove political side and put some concrete focuses (“demand territory” or so) insted of it). This will help me with some stuff I will make in the future.
– Will this mod effect AI gameplay? It should not. Generic nations could be SLIGHTLY better but nothing crazy.

Credits:- To myself only with this one XAXAXAXAXA (and for whoever made those focus icons)


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• mod is working
• mod is alive
• mod is in development and big things are coming
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