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Hearts of Iron IV: Union of American States
Download this Union of American States mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

3 Aug 2019

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This mod adds Union of American States to the Game.

The revolution began when the South issued another Declaration of Independence on October 24, 1929. California declared independence the next day.

Michigan did not declare Independence until ordered to do so by President Hoover, just hours before the U.S. Government began evacuations to London.

Michigan has continuously pushed hard for peace among all of the states and has slowly somehow manged to achieve the fragile so called peace enjoyed today.

Three months ago peace was destabilized by the abrupt end of the Alliance between the Republic of Texas and The Indipendent State of Alabama, after a controversial figure took power in Texas in what many are calling a rigged election.

Within hours of this, US flagged troops were spotted near LA. Within a few hours, more US flagged troops were spotted near ever other major US city. The troops created makeshift camps outside the cities. Most of the world was shocked. England, was not. The Soviets were, they even declared a state of emergency and accused England of meddling

Today that last hopes of that peace ended when the USA conducted what they are calling a policing action in New England.

Aside from a number of isolated skirmishes and one heavy gun battle at a governor’s place, the troops were greeted by cheering crowds that welcomed the USA as liberators.

Within hours Truman addressed the nation saying that US territory in the south, southwest and west is being illegally occupied by domestic terrorists.

This mod is still under active development but this release has been stabilized and tested more than just a random pull. I will try to do that for any version I post and the in-between ones will just be in the repository.

You will notice missing parts but the mod should be playable.

This is my first attempt at a mod for this game so I would like to get some early guidance form the community.

Current Version
Current 0.0.0.m2.86 (Updated on Aug 13)
Added a new leader to Georgia

Minor Release (Updated on May 8th) 0.0.0.m2.2
Lots of bug fixes. Less aggressive. Slowed the majors down and added some more focus for minor US states that are not so loyal.

Major Release Notes

Milestone two – released May 5th 2019 0.0.0.m2.1

Focus Trees –

Notes: Added Incomplete but working ones for majors (Michigan, Alabama, Texas, and California) and even less complete ones for minors. Most are still using incomplete gfx or stock. Missing some trees. But it should be enough to be playable. To help with this, I have added some focuses that can be used to load the generic focus tree after having completed portions of the new ones. Note the USA its self still uses the default for now. At some point it will have a minor focus tree to use pre either retaking over (then loading the normal USA one) or losing.

Decisions –

Notes: Added additional decisions and complexity.Each ideologies now requires stability in a specific range.

AI –
Improved AI behavior and complexity. Much more aggressive. Expect a war. Fixed some incorrect AI behavior [sorry about that Alabama, its fixed now and nobody noticed ;)] and many many other misc errors.

Overall Many bug fixes and misc improvements. Its starting to take shape into something better.

To Do –

Finish focus trees and gfx for them.

Create leader portraits for each state


Misc. gfx

Final balance testing

Release QA.

Initial Release- Apr 13 2019

The mod started as a project to learn how to crate a HOI4 Mod by creating countries for each of the US states.

I created a small state, Washington D.C., for the USA and made it OP and gave them the non-mainland parts and all of the states as subjects.

That worked but did not make for good game-play.

So I split things into factions, created ai_strategy for the states in each faction, and added a group of decisions. Each non-faction founding state can shift its alignment and can then transition to the related faction allowing for a sort of cold civil war.



warranty void if using any other mods.

Apologizes or perhaps congratulations to people in…
West Virginia. Your part of Virginia for now.

North and South Dakota. It’s just Dakota for now.

North and South Carolina. It’s just Carolina for now.

Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Road Island, Main, and New Hampshire. Its just New England for now.

Delaware. Your part of Maryland for now.

Maryland – I know, I took a HUGE chunk of land much larger than the real Washington D.C., but its just one province in size… and hey — you got Delaware (for now) so you did sort of gain land (for now).

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