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Hearts of Iron IV: Weimar and Österreich
Download this Weimar and Österreich mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

14 Sep 2018

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This mod adds Weimar and Österreich to the Game.

Update #3.7! More focuses! Histroical bookmark info updated! New leaders! World tension! Better Austrian AI!

Yes, this is yet another what if mod. But wait! What if… Hitler never rose to power in Germany! Crazy, right?
Well get this, he rose to power in Austria instead. This mod creates a whole new focus tree for Austria, and makes Germany a calm* giant at the centre of Europe.

Only the 1936 bookmark! ( Now with more detailed descriptions )

-Unique focus tree for Austria – that now generates world tension (and AI now will)
-Austrian Field Marshall
-New focus tree for Germany ( 3.5 – interventionism can be triggerd @ 15% tension )
-New national spirits
-Few different ways to play as Austria
-Germany has now four ( 4 ) major paths to take, including the fascist coup! (New leader and flag)
-German conservative path, communist path and SPD path. (Wels now has a portrait in the right direcory)
– Events
and more!

Your suggestions are welcome! Let me know if you want to have a path / approach that wasn’t included!

Thank you to Rimmy for playing my mod! :DD
Hearts of Iron IV: REVERSE ANSCHLUSS – What if Hitler Ruled Austria?

Hearts of Iron IV: Weimar Republic #1 – Deutschland Über Alles

Thanks to Alex for playing my mod! :DDD
What if the Weimar Republic Didn’t Fall? HOI4

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