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Hearts of Iron IV: World Ablaze (6.1)
Download this World Ablaze (6.1) mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds World Ablaze (6.1) to the Game.

Authors description: World Ablaze (6.1)

World Ablaze is a ongoing project to completely overhaul HOIV to become more challenging, historical and exciting to play. Right now it features a massive expansion to the tech trees, focus tree’s and large improvements to the ai, as well as numerous changes that improve the gameplay experience. Each Nation has a customized tech tree and AI all with a unique flavor. (e.g. The Matilda tank is a highly armored heavy tank for 1939/40)Also this mod closely follows historical statistics and dates, but a few concessions have been made for the sake of balance. It also assumes the war can go up to 1948 therefore some post war techs have been included even those after 1948 to take into account the arms race that occurs during war. A much more robust and dangerous AI (more so when going down historical paths) unique artwork for all new technologies including vanilla ones Expanded tech tree’s for all nations, with majors having unique trees A overhauled political and economic system to better represent the monetary cost of war Overhauled focus tree’s for Germany, the USA, Soviet Union, Italy and Finland with the UK and Japan receiving substantial improvements and others receiving small tweaks and expansions An expanded map with more states, strategic regions, straits and a more historical weather system A complete rebalance of the game mechanics New Decisions and events for a more historical play through (D-Day, Polish uprising etc) More realistic construction and industrial balance mod is incompatible with the majority of mods especially concerning the AI, States, Focus Trees, Tech Tree’s and moreDISCLAIMER: This mod only supports the English version of the gameArtwork:All art is created by me and i would greatly appreciate if you could check out my deviant art page for more of my work: Ablaze has its own UI mod for both music and UI changes, if you want it standalone for use with other mods, check out the link below:World Ablaze UI Mod A huge shout out to the ULTRA team, who have provided a tremendous amount of help, You can check out there mod below: would also like to thank Slurpee12 for helping me get started on modding. Also Tnoji for his navy’s icons, Link to his mod: big thanks for the Finnish Artwork from the Finnish Portraits mod by Monkey ( and the Finnish National Focus mod by Kartsa ( thankyou to the additional portraits mod by Karlefeldt ( And lastly I thank Chondrite and Sleight of Hand for indirectly helping me improve AI with the information they have published on the forums. RecommendationsAlso here are some highly recommended mods for the best single player experience that go well with this mod according to me anyway:Strategic View adjustments Historical General Limit we lack time to address any comments left on steam. We highly advise anyone who has questions or want to leave feedback to go to our discord page where dedicated WA players can help out and respond

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