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Hearts of Iron IV: 1930
Download this 1930 mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds 1930 to the Game.

Authors description: 1930

This mod starts the game in 1930 or 1933. Check out the change notes tab to see what I am currently working on.

Added/Changed Focus Trees: Germany, USA, USSR, Britain, Japan, Turkey, Spain, France, Poland, Italy, Australia, Canada, India, China, Finland, Hungary, Greece, and the generic tree. 1,000+ Focuses added with many more in the works.

Technology Revamp: 50+ Technologies added and many others adjusted. Many more to come.

Extended Timeline: Play from 1930 to the year 2000. I hope to eventually add technologies to extend the reach of a game to 1970.

Graphics: I have colorized and added literally hundreds of generals, high command, advisors, and country leaders.

Graphics mods, scripted GUI’s, decision mods, etc will work with this mod. Focus tree mods will likely not work. This mod is not and never will be ironman compatible.

If you encounter any errors, please report them in the discussion thread.

SpartanTom – World War Two – Rebalanced contributions
G o o k N u k e m – Finnish Equipment Graphics
Tnoji – air & land doctrines and tank technologies from Add Technologies
paszi78 – resource development decisions and bug fixes

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