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Hearts of Iron IV: Back in the USA
Download this Back in the USA mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Back in the USA to the Game.

Authors description: Back in the USA

Info➤Kaiserreich Submod
➤♥♥♥♥ You

New Focus Trees for…➤American Union State
➤Combined Syndicates of America
➤Deutsch Neu Amerika Enclave
➤New England
➤Pacific States of America
➤The United States Military District of the Phillipine Islands
➤Union of Britain

Details…➤New England Comstock Path
➤Butler Coup in the CSA
➤McMath Counter-Coup in Pelley’s America
➤Trotsky as a CSA General
➤Union State Gov’t-in-exile in Madagascar
➤Added several generals to all sides of the civil war
➤Added Jack Churchill Path for Lawrence Coup, with focuses
➤Added Kurtz path for Hawaii
➤Added cosmetic flag/color/cores for United Iberian Federation under the CNT
➤Added transcaucasia formable for the caucus countries, and the ability to get rid of Beria
➤Changed beginning song to jazzy interlude
➤Added ability to declare war on Indochina by MacArthur

Future Plans…➤PSA Corporatist Path
➤CSA Enclave/Exile State

Cut Content/Changelog…➤Removed “Miami City Council” because it caused conflicts with the end of the civil war
➤Added Jazzy Interlude as new loading music

discord link:

compatability with the new american totalists submod is now out:

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