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Hearts of Iron IV: HOI4 Music Project Germany
Download this HOI4 Music Project Germany mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

24 Jul 2021

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This mod adds HOI4 Music Project Germany to the Game.

Authors description: HOI4 Music Project Germany

All my Hearts of Iron IV music mods:

This is the Germany music mod which has songs for Germany, the Axis for when you join, and Austria which was essentially a part of Germany during the war, but can be played separately if you want. Samples of the music are above.

There are 557 songs in this mod, broken down into 448 German songs, 60 Axis songs, and 49 Austrian songs. All of them have their peace and war music.

The mod is tailored to play music depending on your war score. If you are losing the war, sadder, more depressing songs will play, whereas winning will have in general more uplifting music. Austria shares peace music with Germany since they speak the same language, and has been fleshed out for wartime, with historical WW1 music. When you are winning as a fascist state starting in 1942, new songs will play for Germany. These songs are of a Germanic ethnic patriotic theme. A few Ancient German themes – drums etc – think Germans in the year 0 AD. And a few that are medieval/renaissance. All of them supporting the German ethnicity. These don’t take over, but they will play now and then.

This is also the definitive version of this mod. It is as far as I am concerned 100% completed and works great and sounds great with perfect quality music for all the songs within. However, keep in mind that some were taken off of old records, so it may sound like you are listening to an old record. If it was really bad quality, I chose not to use it. Only the best for my mods!

No other music mods for HOI will have undergone the research and effort that was put into the HOI4 Music Project. Famous singers of the time are in for their respective nations, as well as historical music that fits the time period; if a song was from the 50s, 60s, or later, you won’t find it here. However, music made since the war, for the period of the 30s to 1948 has been placed in this mod. Putting together this many historical songs and or songs made for the time period wasn’t easy. Sometimes hours of effort just selecting the right music from the correct artists went into these mods.

Things that I have learned from searching through all of this music is that the German song “Erika,” and “Ich hatt’ einen Kameraden,” was done in several other languages, to which I have included in my Axis Minors mod. Wagner has several songs here for Germany. Also, Teddy Stauffer, Rudi Schuricke, and many others are here, who were for the thirties and forties a great part of Germany’s musical heritage.

I’ve also given a nod to the ancestors of these nations since their ethnicity is more of an importance than the Allies or the Comintern. A few ancient/medieval songs are there for the Germans, which are Germanic/Teutonic. Now when any of the Axis Minor nations in that mod join your faction, they will add a cultural specific song for everyone in the alliance to listen to.

If you are wondering after looking at the names of the songs, no I couldn’t keep all the foreign accent letters. I tried to put them up in their original writing, but the game’s music went haywire with them. It would constantly put up blank named non playing songs, and stop loading music at random times. I tried, but Paradox apparently doesn’t want those non-English letters in the game. Paradox has also set the maximum mod size at around 2.1 GB, otherwise I would have the Axis Minor music as part of this mod which was how it was originally, but I was forced to separate them in order for the mods to work.

The general theme of the HOI4 Music Project is meant to immerse the player into the feel, theme, and setting with the music that was played at the time. Military music both played by military bands and music from movies, as well as video games have a strong presence here too. Civilian music dominates during peace time, and then when at war, historical military music, or music created for since the war to fit that nation and theme then dominate. Though pop songs from 1936-1948 will play at all times, war or peace.

The Hoi4 Music Project will have over 3000 songs with originals from 1913 up to the end of the game time of 1948. The entire collection of music has been gathered together for nearly all of the combatants in World War II.

All music is set to play for their proper dates as far as could be determined, so if a song historically came out in 1941, it will not play until then for the nation/language it was created in. Same languages share civilian music amongst each other, while military music is specific for that nation. The exception to this would be US music only being shared with Canada.

This mod is around 1.8 GB, so make sure you have space. All together, the HOI4 Music Project will be over 10 GB. So it has been broken up into specific regions and alliances such as the UK, Commonwealth, and France all in one. I originally began gathering music back in 2004, and in early 2018 I made it my mission to gather as many as I could to fit together into the ultimate music mod. In total, this was such an ambitious project, that it took me months to gather, and hammer out the bugs I’ve run into.

Let me know if there is an error, like if a song doesn’t play, or has the wrong title attached to it. I’ve done my best to mod and research the songs that are added, to get everything done correctly but something’s may have slipped past.

If anyone feels that there is an essential song missing, please let me know. I am open to suggestions.

Don’t forget to rate it with a thumbs up if you like my mod!

Disclaimer: This mod cannot be used in YouTube videos since you would get a lot of hits by claims, and is meant for personal use only.

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