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Hearts of Iron IV: Balkans Ablaze [The Great War submod]
Download this Balkans Ablaze [The Great War submod] mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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9 Jun 2021

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Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War

This mod adds Balkans Ablaze [The Great War submod] to the Game.

Balkans Ablaze, a Balkan flavor submod for HoI IV: The Great War- Version 1.1.3b (1.7.* Hydra compatible)


100 years and 10 days after the end of the First World War, one new submod for the eponymous Great War mod has been published by me. Ironically focusing on the place that started it all; the Balkans, and especially the Balkan Wars and events surrounding the participants. Unlike most games and modifications that may come at these topics with the often simplified and biased notions formed from looking at the outcomes and winners of history rather than the prerequisites for what could have happened, I intend to look at the prerequisites of each of the relevant countries, and the numbers and facts at the ground, at the time. As such this mod will be built around the country that had every prerequisite and possibility for greatness at the time, but somehow did not turn out to become one of the winners, namely Bulgaria. And they will be powerful to represent said prerequisites for growth, prosperity and conquest. Research will be done to ensure an accurate situation at the start of the game; equipment, armies, territories, cities, commanders, important statesmen, diplomacy, economies and so forth. Indeed we will try for the accurate feeling of an early 1900s Balkan Peninsula.

That is not to say there won’t be stuff for Greece, Serbia, the Ottomans, Montenegro, and maybe even Austria-Hungary and Romania in time, in fact the first four already have varying amounts of flavor added to them. This will set them all up with their prerequisites, and allow them all to prosper if some smart actions and maybe a bit of luck are in place. As for now, enjoy new ideas, loads of new flavor events, a possiblity (and accompanying events) for Bulgaria to avoid, or even win, the Second Balkan War, many new cities in and around the Ottoman Balkans and beyond, reshaped states for accurate territorial divisions (and naming, looking at you “Central Thrace”), flavor texts for Bulgarian, Turkish, Greek and Serbian artillery, improved peace treaties (hello Enos-Midia line), focus tree improvements, revamped commanders, and much, much more…

As of the 1.1.0 September 2019 update, flavor and gameplay have taken a turn for the very ambitious. You can expect flavorful updates with new decisions and stuff to do for the next few updates. Unfortunately though, there is real life to attend to, so the mod might take a while to update after big HoI IV and/or TGW updates.

Up to date version of Hearts of Iron IV.Up to date version of the Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War mod.

Localisation and language
Only English language support for now.

Wolferos for developing the main mod.The Balkans Ablaze fans, for their support and high expectations 🙂

For those who wish to support my modding endeavors: Give the mod a like, leave a comment and/or some constructive feedback, share the link with your friends, or support Wikipedia, other knowledge aggregate pages and/or historical museums with your eventual spare change. If you really, really like the mod, and would like to support me directly, you’re very welcome to leave a one time donation to cover my modding “fuel expenses” (mainly caffeine and some occasional nutritious food):


Thanks for playing!

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