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Hearts of Iron IV: Choose your leader!
Download this Choose your leader! mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

1 Dec 2019

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This mod adds Choose your leader! to the Game.

CYL – Choose Your Leader!

Welcome to “Choose Your Leader!”, The mod that allows you to… well… choose your leader.

There are a lot of portraits in Hearts of Iron 4 but to get one of them to be your leader, you have to play for a long time and choose the right way accurately. Of course it is often fun to play but sometimes it can be too long and even exhausting. Not to mention all the portraits of the generals who can be leaders but there is no way to do that.

Well now there is! Have you ever thought what would happen if MacArthur was the Communist leader of America? Or any other American general? Or perhaps if Trotsky took power in Russia as a democrat?
If you have ever asked yourself these questions (although probably not…), this is the mod for you!

With a little click of a button, you can replace the leader of each country in Hearts of Iron 4 in every portrait that this country has and in any ideology you want!

Download the mod now and you will be able to replace any leader from any country with any other leader or general! You might even see some portraits you didn’t know existed in the game or find even some funny Easter Eggs that the developers of the game put in.

I wish you’ll enjoy my new mod! It took a lot of time but I believe it was worth it and I think you’ll have a good time playing it just like I had creating this wonderful mod!

Important Remarks:
1. The mod includes only unique portraits and not generic ones. Generic portraits, unlike unique portraits, can be used by lots of countries and this can be confusing and useless.
2. Because not all countries have more than one portrait in the game, unfortunately they will have only one option and you will not be able to switch between different leaders while playing it. But you can still bring the leader back under a different ideology if the country you’re playing is replacing their ideology.
3. I believe I managed to put all the pictures that are in Hearts of Iron 4 and I’ve checked several times for safety measure but if you find a picture I missed during the creation of the mod or a mistake I made, leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to read it and fix the mistake as quickly as possible.

After reading the comments and the suggestions that were sent to me. I decided to add a new Randomization button to all countries that have more than one available portrait. After clicking the “Randomize Your Leader” decision in the decision list. You will get an event that will allow you to randomize your leader.
Only countries with than one portrait have the possibility to randomize their leader. These countries are:
Argentina,Australia,Austria,Brazil,Bulgaria,Canada,China,Czechoslovakia,United Kingdom,Ethiopia,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Netherlands,Hungary,Dutch East Indies,Italy,Japan,Kazakhstan,Latvia,Manchukuo,Mexico,Norway,New Zealand,Poland,Communist China,British Raj,Romania,South Africa,Soviet Union,Spain,Turkey,United States and Yugoslavia.

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