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Hearts of Iron IV: Coring Decisions
Download this Coring Decisions mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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4 Jun 2021

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This mod adds Coring Decisions to the Game.

Authors description: Coring Decisions

This is a small mod that adds some decisions that allow you to core conquered states. The AI does also use these decisions. For a version where the AI does not use them go here: Coring Decisions – No AI

Integrate Neighbouring State:
Cores a state that borders an existing core.
Peace: 10 PP, 10 days with +5% Consumer Goods
War: 20PP, 20 days with +10% Consumer Goods

Integrate Remote State:
Cores a state that does not border an existing core.
Peace: 15 PP, 15 days with +7% Consumer Goods
War: 30PP, 30 days with +15% Consumer Goods

Start an Integration Campaign:
Activates the Ongoing Integration Campaign.
Only available when not at war and when there is an eligible state.

End the Integration Campaign:
Deactivates the Ongoing Integration Campaign.

Ongoing Integration Campaign:
A Mission that ends after 10 days, coring one state that borders an existing core and restarts itself. Reduces PP income by 1 and gives +5% Consumer Goods while active.
Gets canceled when you start a war, have no PP or when there are no more states to core. Can also be canceled whith a decision.

Note: The state in the tooltip is not always the one that gets cored.

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