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Hearts of Iron IV: Modern Taiwan Expansion for Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod
Download this Modern Taiwan Expansion for Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

28 Feb 2019

File size:

393.441 MB

Requires Mods:

Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod

Other Versions:

This mod adds Modern Taiwan Expansion for Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod to the Game.

1.7 version :
1.7 版本在此 :


Being such a great country is a hassle,I can tell you .
Ambassador Crane

this mod contained these mods:

Millenium Dawn:modern day mod(main program)

Millenium Dawn: Expanded Technology Reloaded(everything)
Modern Day 4(models)

Millennium Dawn: Expanded(everything that is about taiwan)

Millennium Dawn: Republic of Taiwan(everything)

50 Construction Slots(everything)

thank to the makers of these mods so that i can make this mod!

what have I done :

make a very aggressive national focus tree for Republic of China( most of them can lead to war )

Ntioanal Mobilization Decisions that make player mobilized 1M of soldiers once you finish national focus.

political decisions that can let you fully control the politics of ROC

taiwan’s most important companies can be assign as designers(manufacturers)

localized some of ROC’s equipments(such as F-CK-1)

Reqrganized the National Revolutionary Army
( although it is not historical ,but the number of soldiers is !)
reset the data of construct ic cost for all of buildings

unit name rewrite

carrier’s name will be taiwan’s cities

AND a broblem is Idon’t know Whether it is compatible with other mods.


至於中文的話很抱歉我沒有辦法做出來 因 為 系 統 不 接 受 !


Millenium Dawn:modern day mod(主程式)

Millenium Dawn: Expanded Technology Reloaded(全部)
Modern Day 4(兵模)

Millennium Dawn: Expanded(跟台灣有關的全部)

Millennium Dawn: Republic of Taiwan(全部)

50 Construction Slots(全部)


我所做的 :



用決策完全控制中華民國的政治 ( 決定政黨和政黨領袖 )

可以雇用台灣重要的公司及研發機構(如中油,中船,漢翔,工研院,中科院,清 大 核 工 系 !!!)

為我國重要軍事設備加上名子(如 F-CK-1 CM 32雲豹甲車)

重組國軍 (非史實)




1/31 : 新增加通貨膨脹和跟美國開戰的國策

1/31 : added inflation decisions and focus that will lead to war with US

2/1 : 全世界都有通貨膨脹決策了,但除了台灣,那對其他國家沒啥用(台灣可以靠台灣關係法用pp買武器)

2/1 : every country can use inflation decisions

2/26 : 修正菲律賓問題

2/26 : Fixed Philippine problem

此版本保留給 1.5.4 使用者

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