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Hearts of Iron IV: Custom Rules For All
Download this Custom Rules For All mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

20 Jul 2019

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This mod adds Custom Rules For All to the Game.

Adds custom game rules for all the generic focus nations.

These rules are for:

Default takes them down the industry/military/naval lines in a more directed manner than the haphazard manner they did before. All the other lines return to following this path once they are done with their political focuses. If a nation cannot do one of their political focuses because of the wrong nation type (fascist, communist, democracy, unaligned) they will do the industry while they wait for their internal politics to change.

Neutral takes them down the Liberty Ethos -> Neutrality line

Fascist takes them down the Collectivist -> Nationalism line. They will also hire a fascist demagogue as soon as possible.

Communist takes them down the Collectivist -> Internationalism line. They will also hire a communist revolutionary as soon as possible.

Democratic takes them down the Liberty Ethos -> Volunteer Corps line. They will also hire a democratic reformer as soon as possible.

Random selects from Neutral, Fascist, Communist, or Democratic.

The weights for the advisers are set for 1000 so they should be chosen first but there is a slight chance the AI will grab someone else first. Regardless, the political adviser will continue to have a massive weight by comparison to the other advisers that it will be picked second. There’s no way I can see to directly control for this either than editing every possible adviser to an ai_will_do of 0 until they get their political adviser.

Includes four game rule saves that turn all generic nations fascist, communist, democratic, or neutral.

Expect civil wars to kick off like crazy if you turn all nations one way or another.


I am open to suggestions, criticisms, you name it. Don’t look at the events file unless you really want to hurt yourself (and yes it was machine produced, I’m not that big of a masochist). It is a result of this bug here:

Off the top of my head I know this is not compatible with any other mod that modifies AI strategies, for example Expert AI.

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