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Hearts of Iron IV: Every State Independent Patch!
Download this Every State Independent Patch! mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Every State Independent Patch! to the Game.

Authors description: Every State Independent Patch!

Every State Independent is not owned by me ALL CREDIT GOES TO ROCKY_BEE.
Do not use Every State Independent with 1.6+.

For the original mod link click Here

turn historical AI focus off if you want them to shift ideologies
In the Every State Independent mod the countries had no cores or division templates which caused them to just sit and do nothing.
I just used a simple event that fires to all countries to fix this.
This adds a division template and gives them a core to their land also some army xp.

You can now choose the chances of the ai accepting the event. This means each country has a percentage of accepting the event. If you want all the countries to accept it click 100%.

Instructions to get the Battle Royale mod to work When it ask about starting divisions pick “yes”. (fires after 4 in-game hours) Pick the option to start the battle royale tomorrow, (do this last.) The game will stop responding as the countries declare war WAIT for it to start responding again
Latest Update October 14, 2019 – fixed Finland having the requiremnets of Sweeden or Norway to form.- fixed Turkey having the requirements of Finland to form. September 21, 2019 – removed something – added an edited default focus tree- added ghost national spirit- added hidden modifier- added generic millitary staff- added generic political advisers

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