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Hearts of Iron IV: – Hearts of Oak – Man the Guns
Download this - Hearts of Oak - Man the Guns mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds – Hearts of Oak – Man the Guns to the Game.

Hearts of Oak
Compatible with version 1.7.1 – Man the Guns Compatible with all DLCs

Hearts of Oak is a total overhaul mod that aims to provide a more complete and balanced World War 2 experience, without overcomplicating or compromising balance. The AI has been improved in many areas and extra challenges have been added for the player.

The mod is intended for both singleplayer and multiplayer, featuring playability improvements that focus on the player’s experience against other players. It strives to provide great gameplay, within the rich history of the Second World War.

Hearts of Oak includes unique tech trees, focus trees, designers, and advisors for all majors, and important minors, to ensure you are immersed playing your country of choice. Moreover focus trees can last late into the war, and units on the field are precious, as the industrial capacity of a nation takes time to develop.


New National Focus Trees for:USAUKGermanyItalySoviet UnionJapanFranceReworked and improved Paradox’s DLC focuses
Authors’ Note:It is advised not to use any other mods, most files have been changed and compability is rather lowThis mod is the result of 6 months of playtesting and fixing by a small group pf players, as a result all statistics have been tested and exploits removed. Extra effort has been in put in making everything as polished as possible.Several Man the Guns issues have been fixed (wrong modules for starting ships, etc.) Play with historical focus on for the intended experience
We play multiplayer games with a historical ruleset at friday and/or during weekends.
We are always open to suggestions and critiques.
Bug reporting is always appreciated!

All help is welcome. Feel free to message any of us on steam or – better yet – discord.

Credits (mods included partially/entirely): Wunderwaffle WW’s Buttons+ mpu.daemos MPU – Map Counters (M) MPU Theatre Icons (Less is More) Steffen better terrain view 电灯弗里曼 Lamp’s Eqpt Icons 3 – Unique Support Eqpt Icons McNaughton Small Arms & Uniforms Guns Trucks Gerrade Party Emblem Mod Lugash Improved Political Map Digital Ape !10 Support Companies (we have max 8 at the moment) Karlefeldt Additional Portraits

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