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Hearts of Iron IV: Historic Geographical Overhaul
Download this Historic Geographical Overhaul mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

28 Sep 2019

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This mod adds Historic Geographical Overhaul to the Game.

HGO is back, and better than ever! With a new name too!

SummaryFormerly known as Hecking Gorgeous Overhaul, Historic Geographical Overhaul is a complete overhaul of the HOI4 Map. You can now remake historical borders including: The Cold War, World War One, or even the Ottoman Empire. This mod adds so many new nations that it would take me over an hour to write them all here.

DiscordOur Discord is for anyone and everyone, so feel free to join. Link:

CompatibilityThis mod is a complete overhaul of the HOI4 map. Mods that modify anything other than Scripted GUI, Graphics, or Music are not compatible. Toolpack is HIGHLY recommended.
This mod IS NOT ironman compatible.

GitHubWe do all of our production on GItHub, which houses the more experimental builds. If you’d like to test new features as they come out, you can!

FAQQ: Why are countries not in factions anymore?
A: For some reason, when a country is in a faction, it slows the transfer process of transferring states. Hence why they’re disabled for the time being.

Q: Do you plan on adding new scenarios?
A: Maybe, I don’t know yet.

Q: How are you supposed to invade England with no air nor navy?
A: The supply region and strategic area systems are disabled for the time being. They will be reimplemented eventually.

Q: What’s the graphical mod in the screenshots?
A: The screenshots are made with the following:
Sensible Map Font:
Sensible Political Map:
Non-Reflective Water:
Simple Color/Skin Change:

Q: Why aren’t buildings showing up in states?
A: That needs to be fixed. If you know how to fix building errors, let us know. We’ll willing to recruit new members.

Q: Are you guys going to expand into the arctic?
A: Yes, eventually. We’re working with the dev of the antarctica mod to do just that.

And lastly…

Q: Why was the original mod taken down?
A: The original HGO mod team had a falling out. After numerous arguments, HGO was divided into two mods: Project Magellan (and HGS) and (a now much smaller) HGO. The two rivaling mod teams exchanged hostilities and both sides ended up doing drastic things out of anger. The main issue between the two teams was the use of intellectual property. This debate eventually led to a DMCA takedown being filed on HGO, and then another DMCA takedown filed on HGS. Both mods ended up being taken down.

CreditsThe HGO team: Ainsley, SkylarWeston, Luminisenc, Faaz Noushad, Exomous, twotle, birdirdirbirb/ReiFly/GardenGnostic, and MaiNai.
Special thanks to gerrade, for letting us build off of his mod, Beautiful States.
Special thanks to Generalis for his work on the Paracel and Spratly Islands.
Special thanks to Cifotis and MrLukeNL for their work on Oceania.
Special thanks to ChaosRobie for his work on Antarctica.
Special thanks to Chupachu for his Country Generator Tool, which has helped us greatly.
Special thanks to Supermob1 for his ideas and work for the (currently non-functioning) scripted gui.
Special thanks to Natt and the EYWOR team for their work on Asia.
Special thanks to former devs MihalRacovita, TrueSoviet, Holy Doggo, crasher925, snoekbaars, SamFan2 and blue69982.
For legal reasons, I have to credit Gindisi, K0rhan, and ComradeFiliptheCzechGopnik.

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