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Hearts of Iron IV: Make Peace, Not War
Download this Make Peace, Not War mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Make Peace, Not War to the Game.

Authors description: Make Peace, Not War

Hearts of Iron 4, like the prequel, doesn’t allow conditional surrender and thus requires you to march through every enemy capital, even if you just want to capture the Falklands as Argentina. When you reach lategame eventually and minors become majors, invading Australia or New Zealand just to get Northern Ireland as Ireland is not just unrealistic, but also annoying.
This mod adds conditional surrender through multiple event chains, allowing you to surrender, demand peace from your enemy, set up demilitarized zones or simply make peace and return to the pre-war borders.

CONTENT:3 new diplomacy decisions. These allow you to surrender, make peace or end the war with no territorial gainsThe AI is able to beg for peace once reaching 20% surrender progress and some other conditionsWhitepeace is possible with most war scenarios3 national spirits to reflect war reparations, demands for reparations and a government crisisAn event chain for the government crisis; you can face revolution at home after losing the warThere will be a truce for one month after the war has ended. You can then ask your former enemies to extend itYou will get/lose every state you occupied during the war after the peace treaty You or the AI can also force the former enemy to create a demilitarized zone near the borderA small news event for the worldA Russian translation, thanks to takee671games!
Here are some imgur albums to illustrate the stuff above:
Since 1.5.0 decisions are now used instead of the slots.

-Album 1[]
-Album 2[]
-Album 3[]
-Album 4[]
-Album 5[]

To ease the work on this description and because Steam only saves a limited amount of space here, some important information are now in their own thread. Just click on the box below to get to the respective topic!

Criteria for the AI to ask for Peace by themselves [OUTDATED] Requirements for using the DecisionsFuture Plans and Things I won’t/can’t add

This mod is very complex and thus needs a lot of testing. Since there are so many possibilities to fight and end wars, I’m not able to cover every scenario.
Please understand that I’m doing this in my free time and have a social life too. Nevertheless, reporting bugs is a great help; I tend to answer every comment.
Multiplayer works, just remember that the events only work against AI. For PvP, you should use the “Offer Peace” vanilla option.

To avoid most bugs, I recommend to play as following:
Never play on Ironman as you need the console to fix any possible bugs you may encounter.Though factions will work, try to stay factionless. Puppets don’t matter unless they’re in a faction.The AI may ask for peace! I’m currently trying to fix this issue, it’s better to decline their offer and do your peace via the slots.This mod was originally intended for minor nations playthrough, though majors may work too.Be at war with the enemy faction leader; best thing to do is to just declare on the leader anyways.If you declare war on a guaranteed country which won’t join a faction, make sure to declare war on the nation who guaranteed them first. Otherwise you can’t initiate peace with the rest later on after annexing the guaranteed country via conference! Fixed in 1.5!
Factions will usually be the main cause of missing events. Try to get in a war with the faction leader usually, as this solves a lot of problems. However, I can’t guarantee anything. Post any bugs you encounter in the “Bugs” thread and try to include a save game or screenshot as well!

Also, I do not allow users to fork and publish this mod anywhere unless I explicitly give permission to do so.

This mod is compatible with almost everything as it doesn’t edit any game files. However, it relies on the vanilla ideologies and conscription laws and any mods with extensive changes to them may lead to conflicts with MPNW.
Usually the mod will still work after a patch even when the launcher says it’s outdated. Ironman/Achievements are not working, as usual.

The Whitepeace command, the backbone of this mod, has some bugs coming from Paradox. Sometimes peace events will fail, but usually only when fighting against factions.Accepting a peace with your civil war enemy will cause one nation to be absorbed. Usually it’s the one who requested the peace.If you lose a war and the enemy AI enforces a DMZ, your troops can get trapped! Try to move them away from the front as fast as you can!A peace between Ethiopia and Italy may take longer than usual. Instead of 80 days, you may need to wait 1 1/2 years!When you wage war against a country in Multiplayer together with your friend the peace events will transfer all occupied states to only one player. Usually it’s the one who started the event chain.

Compatibility Version for BICE MkII -> LINKCompatibility Version for Millenium Dawn -> LINK

Better Post-War Europe – if you want to start the Cold War/WW3 after WW2 -> LINKCold War and WW3 Music – OSTs from WiC + SA, Defcon, East vs. West -> LINKSoundtrack of the Starmedia documentation Soviet Storm: WWII in the East -> LINKSmall fix for Hungary not joining the Axis without Death or Dishonor -> LINKTrotsky’s Coup – Replaces Stalin with Trotsky without a civil war -> LINK

takee671games and KaisersReichsAdler for the Russian and German translation respectively!Everyone over at Paradoxplaza[]who helped me to find a solution to every problem. This includes people like Chondrite, Elfangor567, Axe99, vydazy and Militus among others. You guys are great!I also really appreciate your feedback, be it bug reports or motivating comments. This really helps to design this mod and implement a mechanic to Hoi4, which should have been there from the beginning!

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