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Hearts of Iron IV: OWB – Victoria Legacy: Reloaded
Download this OWB - Victoria Legacy: Reloaded mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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24 Jul 2019

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1.563 MB

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Old World Blues

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This mod adds OWB – Victoria Legacy: Reloaded to the Game.

Victoria Legacy Reloaded! Now will 90% less files, and 98% less errors!

This is a remake of the mod “Victoria Legacy” by SocialEnigma, with work from Valormic, and Supersock2114!

This mod will add a focus tree, events, leaders, and new localisation to the island nation of New Victoria.

The original creator of New Victoria Legacy gave full permission to use the mod’s assets, and declared he didn’t use his PC for modding anymore, so I thought I would take the mod, clean it up so it didn’t spit out so many errors, and get it working with the current version of OWB! This is the result of that, and it’s all thanks to the hard and dedicated work of SocialEnigma, Valmoric, and Supersock21114!

Tell me how you like it, what needs to be changed, and if anything still broken.

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