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Hearts of Iron IV: Portugal Reworked++
Download this Portugal Reworked++ mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Portugal Reworked++ to the Game.

Hello! I decided to make this mod after realizing that the current existings mods about Portugal are outdated or overpowered, but that does not mean that I made this mod from scratch, I basically joined together 2 other existing mods (links in credits) to have a base to work with.

After weeks of correcting errors and creating new goals and events, I present you:

Portugal Reworked++

A new focus tree for PortugalNew IdeasNew decisionsNew eventsNew portraits for leadersPortuguese historical companiesNew focus iconsCustom navy namesCustom tech iconsDivision/planes/tanks skinsPortuguese Radio
Works better with MtG dlc

Not Iron Mode compatible

Note: It is not recommended to play this mod with other alt-history mods.

Credits :
The 2 mods that without them nothing this wouldn’t be possible:


Portugal Total Rework

Thanks to SenhorV4lery for the portaits, companies and some goals gfx.

Portraits for Portugal

I used portraits, ideas and goals gfx from the mod Kaiserreich. Thanks to the team for their awesome work.

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