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Hearts of Iron IV: Cope’s Vanilla Optimised
Download this Cope's Vanilla Optimised mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

16 Sep 2019

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This mod adds Cope’s Vanilla Optimised to the Game.

If you’ve come to ask about the ugly water, I hate it too, unfortunately it significantly speeds the game up and thats a price im willing to pay.

Hat is now also working on the mod:

You will be able to run 5 speed most games

Mod also now has Snake’s voice lines

Aim of the mod:

The aim of this mod is to speed up games and reduce the need for rehosts whilst keeping everything as vanilla as possible. There are absolutely no gameplay changes.
This mod does not conflict with almost any rulesets allowing the hosts of the individual games to keep full control.


-Increased lag days for lower speed to 100 and lag days for pause to 50 (this is what spot optimisations does)
-Attache objections no longer cost PP to refuse
-Absorbed useless countries, taken away manpower of others and deleted their starting divisons to reduce the number of divisons, hence reducing lag
(their factories have to been left alone to allow them to trade as normal keeping factory counts vanilla)
-Combat log now shows up to the last 2 years
-Spanish civil war fires on the historical date (17th July 1936) to avoid randomness ruining games
-Deathstacked UK, Ger, USA, Ita, Jap, Fra navies at the begining of the game
-Deathstacked all major nations air forces
-Removed lots of Ahistorical focuses that nobody ever takes to clean up the focus trees
-Slightly increased Iraq’s starting Facism to allow the UK to declare on Iraq (ONLY DO THIS IF YOUR RULESET ALLOWS IT!)
-AI’s now always accept sent attache’s
-Added an event to allow France to move their capital out of Corsica
-Changed the Japanese focus Alliance with siam annex Siam if certain conditions are met (For if you have an AI Siam but need to build airports)
-Mefo bills now auto renew if you forget to click it(If you are using this as a noob test then your vetting has already failed too many games have been ruined because of a simple mistake)
-French early mob event is now guarenteed to occur but much later than average to maintain the same balance (Again cuts down on randomness)
-Generals can no longer get sick (they can still get wounded since there is a trait for that) again cuts down on RNG deciding games
-Changed ocean reflections to increase game speed
-Pressing Enter no longer uses XP to research doctrines
-Soviet’s now have 11% starting democracy so you dont have to ask Allies to boost you every game
-Added A LOT of graphical improvements to make the game run faster
-Made peace conferences easier by increasing the score per pass
-Changed air win size to 1600 and made planes deploy instantly to make playing AC less awful

Changelog (Hat Edition):

-Removed objecting to attache reduces stability if they have a certain amount of ideology from objecting country, removed objecting to attache decision completely (maybe works)
-Deleted entire event chains that Czechoslovakia apparently have that lets them refuse (1. appeal to allies (if france does little entente) 2. appeal to germany (if puppet of germany as slovakia) 3. refuse outright)
-Austria can’t deny Anschluss, Czechoslovakia can’t deny Sudetenland
-Finished American focus tree
-Moluccas have people living in it again
-Sped up France’s move capital to Cassablanca event
-SAF’s infrastructure placement is still random, between the 3 states that it can build in, but it will NEVER add infrastructure to south west africa, which have no building slots.
-No Romanian focus will add anything to Bessarabia
-Made the soviet justifications much shorter for the event
-Fixed a supply region bug in China/Japan
-Changed the default 9 colours you can pick for generals to ROYGBIV and Black/White
-Added a decision for the UK to remove french core on the mainland if its an ai ( to make dday easier if the france player has left)
-Removed mines

Several events have also been changed to prevent missclicks causing rehosts:

Rhineland can no longer be declined by the allies
Sudetenland can no longer be declined by the allies
Ceding Besserabia can no longer be declined by Romania
Options to start a civil war during the purge have been removed
Romania has to accept Hungary’s rearmerment and the treaty of Trianon
France has to accept Japan’s demand for Indochina
Spain player has to choose the Fascist side in the civil war
Soviets must accept the tank treaty
Soviets must accept the Molotov-Ribbentrop treaty
Germany must cede eastern Poland to the Soviets
Spain must cede the Balearic’s to Italy
China cannot give concessions in the Marco Polo event
Germany can no longer decline the Italy-Germany research treaty
PRC forced to accept joining the united front
Finland cannot cede land to the soviets (soviets will always get the war goal)
Romania and Hungary must accept the intergrate war economy from Germany
UK cannot deny France’s request to join the allies
USA can only demand compensation for the Panoy incident
Added a confirmatory event for Vichy France to prevent missclicks here
Hungary cannot deny being given Slovakia (Hat)
Soviets must send the demand to Romania and Finland

Resources are unchanged
Factories are unchanged
AI is unchanged
Gameplay is unchanged
Generals are unchanged

Special thanks:
Watt for helping me recover my mod after I accidentally cleared my cache
Thrasymachus for helping me remember all of the events that needed changing
Hat for helping my lazy ♥♥♥ finish the mod
Snake for his voice lines

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