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Hearts of Iron IV: Red Flood
Download this Red Flood mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

19 Jun 2022

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This mod adds Red Flood to the Game.

Authors description: Red Flood

After months of waiting, Two Steps Forward has arrived! Check the change log for more details!

The Hotfix is out!

Welcome to Red FloodThe Great War rent an entire generation. Boys as young as seven faced the wrack and lead in the fields of No Man’s Land, and for what? For an inconclusive peace between who was left. In the British Isles, they turned to what they had; in the German heartland, they turned to what they could have; and in the great cities of Fiume and Paris, they turned to what they could only dream of having.In Western Europe, a fragile balance between socialists, accelerationists, and the old republics and kingdoms is about to be upset. To the East, a wounded Russia sits on a throne of bayonets, and the Intermarium prepares itself for the storm ahead. In the Americas, continent-spanning giants face their darkest hour, instability finally coming to their shores. An ocean away in Asia, the fall of empires and the weakness of yet more make everything possible once again. And in Africa, new, fragile hopes stagger forth to be born.Red Flood is an alternative history mod for Hearts of Iron IV. The roads that were not taken in the 1920s and 30s open to us once more. We hope you enjoy travelling down them. Unique Focus Trees For: Altay, Armenia, Belarus, Persia, Israel, Ukraine, Nikkei-Burajiru, Poland, Tuareg Free Territory, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Fiume, Austria, Japan, Anhui, Imperial Authority, Russia, USA, Brazil, Montenegro, Transbaikal, Assyria, Baltic Governorate, California, Finland, GG of the Steppes, Italy (Returns), Revolutionary Japan, Kavkaz Society, Korea(s), Mantetsu (Manchuria), Orenburg, Siberia, South-Eastern Union, United Provinces (Churchill’s India), Yakutia, Yugoslavia, Zheltorossiya Collapse tags and The Prussian Congo A new and interesting world with deep lore and tons of new and bizzare contents and ideas to explore! A completely new world map with remade shading and many new nations all across the globe. 11 new and unique ideologies, with 33 new subideologies, including Futurism, Technocracy, Individualist Anarchism and more! Completely custom Focus Tree Icons, as well as many custom portraits, and 400+ generic portraits.We have constructed a roadmap detailing out our plans for future versions of the mod, showing upcoming versions and their planned content:Full roadmap[]Head Admin: Baba Yaga Deux Our amazing Red Flood team: Andrew Jacksinov, Arioch, Artsivayli, ashley xd, Aurel, Baba Yaga Deux, Brian!, Deogratias, Doomer, Drion, DRU, Enderprophet, fireizzle33331, Florian OFF, Garin, Georgy, Gernika, Gothic Garlic, GrandAutismo, Haguruma, Hago, HistoricalMan, Insulidan, Jol, Kebab, Kekwards Tvxt, KobraKommander, Lord of Hours, marie, masuru, mekusthelolus, multi, Mushichan, nebuch, Nicholas, Ozajasz, Ozmandiaz, Pintar, Prophetess, Prussian king, Ryan Chrystler, SahokoTakoro, SloveneAnon, Sparrow, Suhtekorraldaja, TaTy, Teutonic, vergara, YeezeyBreezey, Yung Daal, and all the previous developers! Check out our subreddit to stay updated and discuss the mod Join our Discord to talk to us, view teasers and complain to us![] Check out our merch store to buy Red Flood related merch![]

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