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Hearts of Iron IV: Second cold war: Steel Wall
Download this Second cold war: Steel Wall mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Second cold war: Steel Wall to the Game.

This is a mod based on same serie than for “Era of Darkness”. Under construction

I have choosen an original name and it’s not more a submod of Millenium dawn.


We are far in the future. In the 27th century, a great war have destroyed many cities and the number of death reach 300 millions ( if we count new technologies ). Eurasia and Laurentia ( Alias Lunavia or USA ) redivide for the second time the world but with major new allies. Scandinavia isa powerful nation but leaded by a military regime. China is threatened by rebels who try to overthrown the regime, Ziyoudang ( Liberal party ). Japan, Germany, Romania and Italy are divided because of war. The crimes has been estimated to be largely enought to destroy completely Rumas republic and to replace it. Most of African allied countries with Rumas are now occupied and puppeted. Portugal is a powerful nation after taking african nations but civil war is near and the nation is under heavy debts. Laurentia and Coastal Empires are rebuilding and with advanced technologies, New species can now give independance onMars ( scenario based only on earth ). At the end, the improvement of army in many nations continue with GMO evolution, most of humans are not recognizable because of genetical process. Eurasia is a powerful nation which lead half of the continent.


– 2 differents scenarios in this steel wall era
– new events and national focus for countries, especially Eurasia who can change politics
– 110 new states
– new map with artificial lakes and antartica


some portraits belong to EaW developpers
antartica isn’t from my own work
icons and ideas can be from KR developpers, Chairman VitorHL

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