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Hearts of Iron IV: The Shattered American Dream
Download this The Shattered American Dream mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

5 Apr 2019

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This mod adds The Shattered American Dream to the Game.

Its 1936, and much has changed on the North American Continent.

In the 1920’s, The US’s economic problems begin in 1923 rather than in 1929 as a result of the European powers getting back on their feet much earlier after a less damaging World War 1. As the economoic conditions worsened, a series of incompetant presidents made the atmosphere ripe for revolt. In Febuary 1926, after “The Gray Law”, a law abolishing laws on work conditions and encouraged the use of indentured servitude in all jobs in an attempt to save major businesses and industries, was passed, people across the nation revolted. By July of that same year, the Federal Government fell into disarray, and collapsed entirely.

After 150 years of survival, the American Dream had met a sudden and violent end.

What ensued was the attempt by former US states and neighbors of the US tried to fill the power vacuum that was left by the USA. Dozens of states and regions fought amongst themselves to consolidate themselves. At first, it seemed that the Confederate States of America, a rivival of the southern movement started in the American Civil War, and Canada, a dominion of the British Empire, would come out on top. However, both quickly failed as regions they occupied had revolted and decided to make their own states. Meanwhile, the revived Kingdom of Hawaii and Japan focused on the former US Pacific Territories, occupying as much as they could.

When the dust settled in 1928, 15 nations remained. These were New England, Texas, California, the Confederate States of America, The Great Plains, Cascadia, Montana, Arizona, Carolina, Pennsylvania, Dakota, Deseret, Virginia, the Great Lakes, and Hawaii.

In 1930, Canada attempted to revenge its loss in the 20’s by invading Cascadia, however it never accounted for New England declaring war on them in retaliation. This war resulted in the Treaty of Chicago, making Canada cede border territories, Graham Island, and most importantly, Nova Scotia. Later on, New England would go on to improve relations with the United Kingdom (Who didn’t get involved in the “War of the Pine”) and purchase Newfoundland. Canada now seems to be outshined by its Southern enemies even according to its allies.

I will continue this little narrative on the history of this mod, but for now, You have this.

The mod contains the 15 aforementioned nations, and Ohio and Alaska. US influence is removed from the game (except from Focus trees. Sorry :/ ) All states have Flags for all ideologies, and at least have one custom leader. There is more planned for this mod, including adding two new nations into the mod, and national spirits. Who knows, if I feel up to the task, I may even try to make focus trees (no promises though.) Hope you Enjoy!


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