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Hearts of Iron IV: Toolpack
Download this Toolpack mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Toolpack to the Game.

Authors description: Toolpack

Compatible Game Version: Probably any version from 1.7 on

Special thanks to: – Dimitrus for the Russian translation – Kellerbaron for the German translation – Edward Vostok Dimitri for the Portuguese translation – Nika and Friedrich_von_Ebert for the Korean translation ->

Welcome to the Toolpack,a sandbox mod that allows you to shape any game however you want. Start the second world war with 1914 borders, fix border gore and have Tannu Tuva dominate all of Asia.

Current Features: – State Managing Tool:
Transfer states between countries as you like Re-/demilitarize states Move the capital of any country anywhere Core states for any country Add claims to any state for any country
– Country Annexing Tool:
Annex any country into any other country Transfer Troops Add cores to the annexing country Transfer Navy
– Country Puppeting Tool:
Puppet countries Change autonomy states Add autonomy points View a gallery showing all different autonomy states
– Division Spawning Tool:
Spawn preset or custom divisions anywhere and how many you want for any country Add and remove army and air experience to your liking
– Politics Tool
Create and edit factions Grant and retract major status Add and remove guarantees Add and remove military access Add and remove Non-aggression pacts Add and remove opinion and trade modifiers Create war between countries Make peace Create truces Spawn civil wars Increase and decrease world tension Increase or decrease popularity of any of the four idelogies Change the ruling party of any country Manipulate the number of research slots of any country
– Ship Spawning Tool
Spawn ships in 6 different regions (Atlantic, Pacific, Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Indian Ocean) Spawn 7 different ship types (destroyers, light cruisers, heavy cruisers, battlecruisers, battlehips, carriers and submarines) Add or remove convoys from stockpile
– Building Spawning Tool
Add or remove the following buildings to any state in any country: Civilian factories, military factories, dockyards, synthetic refineries, rocket sites, nuclear reactors, infrastructure, air bases, anti-air buildings, radar stations, naval bases, land forts and coastal forts. Includes a second window showing the total or average per state number of buildings in a country
– Manpower/Population Tool
Add or remove manpower to or from multiple countries with MMT Manage population in states with PMT Use variables to make specific changes more quickly
– Resource Managing Tool
Add or remove resources Increase or decrease resources extracted in a state with the local resource modifier
– Latest Minor Changes
Removed some useless keyboard shortcuts Layout changes for Division Spawning Tool A Troops can now be spawned in the same state for multiple countries with DST A (exercise caution!) Changed names of TP-Divisions to Crack Units Changed names of HMS TP to MS Veteran or default names You can now (officially) switch tabs in the Politics Tool with shift+x Added buttons to add or remove Naval Experience in the Ship Spawning Tool
Features Planned for Next Update:

Features Planned for Future Updates:
– Research time and research slot tool
– Rule Changing Tool (volunteers, faction creation…)
– Equipment Tool
– More options for the Building Spawning Tool (offmap factories, building slots, state categories, silos)
– Supervised states for Country Puppeting Tool

Other Features That Might Be Added at Some Point:
– Formable Nations Tool
– Nuking Tool
– Multiplayer version

Features That Will NOT Appear in Future Updates:
– Country Release Tool
– Renaming Tool
– Flag Changing Tool
– National Spirit Tool

– Should be compatible with any other mod to some extent
– Problems with other mods might appear when using the “Ship Spawning Tool” or the “Country” section of the “Politics Tool” (depending on whether or not the mod changes ideologies/technologies.
– Not Iron Man compatible
– Should be MP compatible as long as only one person uses it at a time

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