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Hearts of Iron IV: Turkey Focus trees – Alternative History
Download this Turkey Focus trees - Alternative History mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Turkey Focus trees – Alternative History to the Game.

Mode has exceeded 1000 Subscribers. Thank you to everyone for Supports.

I organized for World War 2 to focus tree Turkey. Please indicate your recommendations.

______________Mod informations______________
Turkey focal tree
New Territory added
New News
New events
New Commanders
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as the Marshal
Fevzi Çakmak as a Marshal

Neutral Turkey = Cherry Red – Soldiers: White
Ottoman Empire = Red – Soldiers: White
Turan Republic = Light yellow – Soldiers: Blue

I will continue to update the mode..

You can come and support my Twitch channel. Thank you!.

You can see the update details from the link :
—————–Changes to the latest update ——————

Changes in the 1936 Scenario

‘Syria operation’ focus has been fixed.

Changes in the 1919 Scenario

*The year was held in 1919.

*The President of Armenia and his troops were added.

*A military factory was added to the Erzurum-Trabzon region.

*1st and 2nd. Cavalry Squadron, 5th Precinct. Cavalry Corps and Kuvay-i Milliye soldiers were added.

*Sutcu imam -Sahin Bey – Ali Saip bey, Mirliva Fahrettin Pasha-Mürsel Pasha and Ahmet Zeki Soydemir were added. (As commander)

*The focus tree has been improved.

*New events have been added.

Mod Version : 0.9.5

Compatible Hoi4 Version 1.7.*
Please specify the change you want to see, or comment what you want me to do.

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