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Hearts of Iron IV: USA States Redux
Download this USA States Redux mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

26 Dec 2020

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This mod adds USA States Redux to the Game.

Authors description: USA States Redux

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USA States Redux

USA States Redux is a continuation of the previous USA States mod created by FascistThanos. This is an improved version of the old one, with new Victory Points (Cities), we removed the focus trees deemed below-par, and redid the state map.

Press “Shift + C” to hide the Formable nation button

How many/what formable nations are there?
Short answer: 28
Long answer:
Acadian Union
American Union State
Colonial Carolina
Colonial Georgia
Colonial Louisiana
Colonial New York
Combined Syndicates of America
Confederate States of America
East Coast Union
Pact of Four
Great Lakes Nation
Greater Canada
Greater Virginia
Greater New England
Republic of Lakota
Great Plains Nation
New England
Pacific States of America
Thirteen Colonies
United Dakota
United States of America

I can’t see the time because of the formable nation window
You can press “Shift+C” to hide the button so you can increase and decrease the time/play and pause

I can’t see all of the formable nation list
You can go to your game options and shrink your UI until you can see the whole thing. You can revert this change when you form the nation.

The mod loads up the base game with the states united
Join the Discord[] for more help.

What are the country tags for the states?
The states tag is its postal code followed by the first letter. For example, Texas’ postal code is TX, so it would be TXT

What states are going to be worked on?
Look in #usa-states-roadmap to see which states are planned. If it’s not there, that means it isn’t planned, but if someone joins the team and wants to work on that state, then it will be added. (Exclusion from the list doesn’t mean it isn’t coming)

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