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Hearts of Iron IV: World News
Download this World News mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds World News to the Game.

Authors description: World News

InformationDid you ever think that besides the few news events for major events there is too few flavor for other stuff that could have happened during your game?
Would you like to have more flavor in form of weekly news in your Hearts of Iron IV games?
Then this mod is for you.

FeaturesThis mod adds a newspaper, inspired by the mechanic in Victoria II, that is updated weekly and brings you everyday news and ads as well as special, unique articles about historical events.
Currently there are more than 180 articles included to spice up your game experience. Enjoy your game and keep an eye on the events in the world, and what your press has to say about them.

A few articles also vary depending on which country you are playing as.

There is a game rule to enable the newspaper archive. If it’s enabled, the game will save every published newspaper edition when it gets replaced by a new one, so you can access it later. However this can have an impact on performance, especially loading and saving time and save game size, so it is disabled by default.

Compatibility HOI4 Version: 1.10.* should be compatible with any DLC should be compatbile with most mods however there can be problems with mods that set a replace path for the folders this mod uses as well as with mods that have a different setting or timeline, since in those some articles might not make any senseThe mod is not ironman compatible. So you cannot earn achievements with it activated.

Localisation English localisation included German localisation included French localisation included (mostly English language) Spanish localisation included (English language) Russian localisation included (English language) Polish localisation included (English language) Portuguese localisation included (English language)
A Chinese translation can be found here.

CreditsA few texts were taken from Victoria II.
A few graphics were taken from Victoria II and Europa Universalis IV.
Most of the article images were made out of historical photos or images.
A lot of the articles were inspired by real articles of the time.
Thanks to Elefante, UberEpicZach and LordVarangian for some article ideas and texts.
Thanks to A Evil Canadian for the (partly) French translation.

OtherIf you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments or on our discord.

Feel free to join us on our Discord[].

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