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Hearts of Iron IV: Youjo Senki
Download this Youjo Senki mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

14 Mar 2017

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This mod adds Youjo Senki to the Game.

A semi-comprehensive Youjo Senki mod.

Youjo Senki (eng. Saga of Tanya the Evil) is a light novel with manga and anime adaptations. It tells a story of a Japanese salaryman, who dies and is reborn as an orphan girl in an alternate universe WW1-era Germany, Tanya Degurechaff. She goes to the military as a mage, and ends up a major with her own battalion, directly responsible to the military’s strategic HQ. This mod is based on the events, characters and world of Youjo Senki. It deviates from the lore a bit, with Degurechaff being in charge of the whole country in addition to her battalion.

– Everything in the Youjo Senki Portraits mod except for Kaiserreich support.
– European borders redrawn to be very close to the way it is in Youjo Senki.
– Partly rewritten National Focuses for the Empire (Germany).
– Events based on the events of the anime.
– “Mage units” which actually are light tanks renamed and made to look like infantry.

Planned features in case I get around to implementing them:
– Fixing the possible problems in non-german National Focuses.
– More events for the Empire based on the manga and/or anime.

– The 1939 start is very, very probably broken. There are many triggers that change the world if the start is 1939, and I haven’t gone through them, so there will probably be conflicts and therefore bugs.

NOT compatible with achievements.

And finally, if you find bugs or have ideas for the mod, feel free to share them in the comments. Credits will be added.

This is a pretty old mod by now, and I won’t be updating it. If you can get the mod files, feel free to continue from where I left off.

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