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Hearts of Iron IV: Eight Years’ War of Resistance
Download this Eight Years' War of Resistance mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Eight Years’ War of Resistance to the Game.

Authors description: Eight Years’ War of Resistance

A Submod that replaces the blue, hand-written font if you don’t like it.A Submod that uses the default main menu if you’re having issues with the menu.Try resubbing if you are experiencing crashes on start.

Compatible with 1.7.x and all DLCs. WTT, although not required, is strongly recommended to play with this mod to enjoy the mod fully. Historical AI on is strongly recommended. Turn it off at your own risk. 1939 scenario is still largely untested due to time limitation. Do not play it on Ironman mode.
Eight Years’ War of Resistance started off as a mod that aims to slightly adjust the Asian Theater of World War II, but eventually grown into an overhaul mod that focus on the region of East Asia and South East Asia. This is a renewed release of the project. The mod aims to create an in-depth, historical, polished and fun experience for you to enjoy.

New historical nations are added in the Asia along with unique skins, events, focus trees, decisions, unique tech and dynamic news interface. Asian majors, namely China and Japan, have been reworked extensively. More extensive and historical focus trees are added along with new advisors, events, and decisions. A great amount of new graphics are added, and efforts are made to ensure the icons have a quality and style similar to the vanilla ones.

◆ Current Nations w/ National Focuses:
  – Japan, China, Communist China, Sinkiang, Indochina, Mongolia, Manchukuo, East Hebei A.C.
   (Will be Collaborationist China later)
◆ Current Nations w/o completely unique National Focuses but are playable and have flavors:
  – East Chahar, Pailingmiao Council, Northeastern Army, Burma, the Warlords (WTT only).
◆ Note:
  – If you want to play as Reorganized Nationalist China, play as the
   East Hebei Autonomous Council to form it.
  – If you want to play as Mengjiang, play as East Chahar autonomous region.
   Prince Demchugdongrub will defect to you later.
  – If you want to play as a Suiyuan warlord, play as the Pailingmiao Council. You get to choose
   to either defect or stay loyal to Nanking in an event. Choose stay for the warlord.
◆ Known issues:
  – There are a couple unfixable broken tooltips. Does not affect gameplay.
  – A few unguarded provinces might switch control when a puppet state is created by Japan.
   Affects minimal gameplay.

Unique Skins & Tech VariantsFor most warlords and Japanese client states, new custom skins and tech are added, adding more flavor to the game. Most of these are even available without Waking the Tiger DLC!

IdeologyThis mod adds a new ideology Socialism. The ideology has its own political advisers and political decisions. In addition, ideology “non-aligned” is now renamed “reactionary”. World tension thresholds for it are reduced and some other limitations are removed.

Supply Condition and InflationThis mod add in a new mechanic Supply Condition to represent war exhaustion. Your infrastructure, divisions, occupation, factories and stability will all affect your supply condition. And it will affect your war support and several army stats. Along with supply condition, there’s also a Inflation mechanic for all countries. Inflation occurs when stability is too low for your trade law.

PartisansAs communist china, a new Partisan mechanic is introduced. You can unlock it after completing the Partisan Offensive focus. It is represented with the yellow bands in the screenshots, and you can do various operations in those regions!

…and much more!

Q: Is this mod compatible with other mods?A: There should be no compatibility issues with achievement-compatible mods or mods that has compatibility with all other mods. For other mods, the mod will NOT be compatible due to the number of files that are changed.

Q: Does this mod require Waking the Tiger DLC to work?A: No. However, due to Paradox’s ToS a fair amount of content from this mod are unavailable without the DLC. As a result, it is recommended to turn on the DLC for the full experience of the mod.

Q: Does a warlord still get a new focus tree when it takes over China?A: Yes. 2 new focus trees are specifically designed for that purpose. One for nationalist warlord, one for communist warlord. This however, is unfortunately only available with Waking the Tiger DLC.

Q: Playing as Communist China, the nationalists kept declaring war on me!A: Do the Contact Zhang Xueliang focus as quickly as possible. That will block the nationalists from directly attacking by setting up tacit truce with them (represented as a DMZ in the game.)

More Q and As regarding Historicalities.

Devs:  – Natt, Project Lead
  – Sasha, Indochina Rework
  – Kappa, assistance in Manchoukuo’s content, and some other events

Featured Mods:  – East Focus mod – Wanniang
  – Lamp’s Eqpt Icons & Lamp’s Chinese Eqpt Icons – 电灯弗里曼 (Lamp)
  – Chinese Army Skin – Muhammad_Liberalist
  – Chen’s Flavorful Chinese Theater – Portrochen
  – Mongolia National Focus – Mordred
  – Historical Japanese OOB with Manchukuo [EN] – Ukiwa
  – Burma – Kaba Ma Kyei – Chewy Yui
  – Nationalist China: Yellow River Flood – [TFB] Moominpappa

Contributors:  – List of Contributors

Huge thanks to Wanniang, the author of the East Focus mod
The prototype of this mod is based on roemer9’s Better Realism Project, which I partially participated in. Although this mod has developed very differently from his mod, it won’t be here without his mod. The foreign advisors part was created by me, then later reintroduced to his mod. Also, the portraits of the mod is mostly adopted from VictorXoda’s Black & White Portraits.
Some portraits are adopted from A Portrait Mod by Brutus Mars.
Thanks to 田銀時 (袁銀)-TW for reworking the skins!
Credits to the Darkest Hour mod team for allowing us to develop on its dynamic news event headers prototype.

Thanks for the support from our Patrons!
◆ Anton Dunker

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